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  1. French Open1:22
  2. Stoke City0:11
  3. Jonathan Wilson's0:56
  4. Terry Benedict0:48
  5. Newcastle1:14, 1:55
  6. poppy seeds1:42
  7. Slovenia1:46

Current Video:Newcastle v Stoke City Premier League Highlights 03/10/13|

There was much drama in Sunday's contest at St. James Park. Catch all the action only on FOX Soccer.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Do you counsel to Stoke City one at the -- say. Stealing -- deserved win but he Collison leading -- time I think eventually trailed in the match -- -- -- the most inspirational the first stuck with. Clearly happy to -- plays behind to pull. Because of the restricted to left it's like it's a villain in front guilty of wasting the best first off I think he placed on the from six yards of this device -- over the top. It's to dislike such a consultancy found its way to do front and he liked the composure to test as it that it should stay -- go. To the second half of stoke penalty but three of Terry Benedict given no option here replay showed that this was. Really clumsy tackle. -- -- he'll take. Drinking and Jonathan Wilson's. The -- the school where he put up himself. To take the spot kick at NBC for the spoke recently. Shipped inside and its -- it but clearly it's the way. He puts the team heads. The injustice of going behind clearly inspired Newcastle but a freaky to split -- it's like to. The tricky -- I stepped up to equalize. Sublime finish at the French Open but six of the campaign they hit it takes it very special player. To school that's not a free -- assisted by the underside of the crossbar as well and constant maintenance. And indeed -- seat at a time at the end of the match substitute still viable -- the pull up and threaded it through the poppy seeds say. Pools for upside. At that stuff -- from Slovenia boatload. Replays showing he was -- -- defense and stepped up simulates. Since they wanted to Newcastle.

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