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Could Wigan reach the FA Cup semifinals for the first time in its history with a win away to Everton? Find out here.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it's in the sixth in the bunkers regulation against wake up. Who was false bottom. This would unfold at citizen's park when it's about the first opportunity. At a. It's about this it's nice to slide. Could be so different. Just booted back to life in the celtics' softness of the makes the whole. -- -- -- us in the Premier League this season that they've achieved more on the -- -- that may have a home. So it proved a -- listen. Lightning quick on the counter attack. So it's -- quick solution to our ability to solid. But -- movies looks looks so lucky really lucky to have begun to prove to coach -- as well. Two of my head all the joy it makes you might saves -- today -- Cubs. Postseason to a meeting with so it. Makes it. And is that the the first warning shots. -- -- McDonough is putting up close this down and look at the Everton -- it was slip by saying his helmet. It's below -- content provided this time. -- outstanding. Nobody is striking but just didn't work -- -- was taking -- seasons but the movement to slide and shot. Across to students -- went home. Went to stand to lose their last one did. -- up to the first goal of the rough this week. Wakefield who couldn't take into. It's the same benefits. It's -- consensus placed his boots and since the -- you militants have been missing. So the defense comes out and succeed joke books. Lewis with two runs of six. Asking questions. -- -- -- So it's. He showed he. She's glad it's. Tough to attack the boy at seals and he's just a -- different -- -- but it's possible to took. Drove to the team. We played. It's -- there is part of the Peterson's place this celebration it's. -- It should look back through his experience but it's not set obviously. Once thought to go to the pulled a big it was definitely white. Stone -- just told this to. Plays but I can go to the club. That was originally hoped that the defense is going to be Shoppach. Stick to television telling -- good solid for the quality in his left foot. Neighborhood team certainly attempt to yeah. It's not because it was filled night. Who just defeated ascended -- first off -- choice if it's a both -- to call whether the guy it's. Second on that a team decided to make changes they didn't speak. On the several times substitute but still it was really long for the likes of. It's still scored this season -- to -- didn't get much of on the it was -- -- who love to do. So it's. It's going to -- It's that -- It's split with the resentments like. It wasn't like there was no way to put -- to this. That's still. Simple enough. -- -- -- Just about. -- -- There was this must opportunity. Most consistent tennis on the front office or home. So they're all accounts and it's really it's we get. We're into the semifinals the first time out.

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