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The FOX Soccer News crew look ahead at some of this weekend's FA Cup fixtures.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Bobby McMahon got to break down the weekend's action and Bobby it would start with the efforts and waited in the FA cup with sinopec. You didn't go at the outset you went with the job with Everton which everybody else that is -- no surprise there were a couple of teams in very different situations the primarily table and get it at different perspectives -- this game. Very much Wigan are licking his survival in the Premier League so they'll probably changed teams so at but nothing really technical what was tediously. In Tim's a scene as a viable option in terms again Europeans for the fight in the league for the European sport Maddon wondered what would find yourself this again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So Liverpool sworn he wears from break buying them. The all these teams could pick up some points whenever in this -- game but. The -- them Oakland arsenals of you -- -- -- problem but I think -- David -- must feel really cold than that that this could you know Wimbley you know forever and we get to semifinal Lugo and what's the one in each constantly the championship site Chelsea. And Manchester United all eyes are going to be on this one both teams -- disappointments. Midweek they go to Old Trafford and one thing's for sure neither team really -- a replay out of this no we talked last week of Chelsea. In the fought to the good schedule problems in the Sixers are beginning to my adult. So it simply Chelsea you know won a replay going much issue I'd be particularly hoppy about which I don't. So this game -- sale Ken Anderson lead Chelsea went with the big team and I couldn't talking Leino against ways bowl what's that model stuff has not lost we. Kind of seemed to catch him you need to do in the same thing I think -- my JJ got completely different. Jellyfish very different challenge I think he's gonna look to be much more solid defensively. For much pitch in -- what's -- -- that we know he's going to be playing almost seven I would think and I think he'll be a few more changes from relevant to Real Madrid team as well but. You get -- on Jason you Chelsea this is one of the games you wanna see you in terms AP call. Really would hate to handle all trough of law on the line. Cable watch Ferguson came out to put the Rooney from -- or is it bad and really. Get those rumors come out off the talking points but we're talking about it I know what you think about it do you think it'll affect the team that's all. -- heading into the weekend they'll I think everybody is focused I think one of the things much yesterday on the songs those indeed excellent over the years it's prudent. And control who's behind the -- lose a game the event and you lose to no rule it just look at -- is -- -- boss move on. The number of things magician and rebounded from losses and going on for flying six games winning streaks go bust in history Hopkins continually. I think that's -- Ken the reaction that not -- not just had reasonably expect bit unique support shall expect as well. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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