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Current Video:Ferguson: Rooney staying at Manchester United|

FOX Soccer News brings you the latest news regarding rumors that Wayne Rooney will leave Manchester United.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. We stuck -- today's top story sir Alex Ferguson spoke to the media on Friday. It is more of the story the 71 year old did not attend it's mandatory press conference after Tuesday's -- around Madrid does -- -- but he wanted to clear the air about Wayne -- ahead of Sunday's FA cup visit from Chelsea. Rory O'Sullivan has more on the story. Open looks for his -- ill fated champions league clash with for amateur its own chief state question must have been children at the -- reduce future at Manchester United's. And also reportedly during a strained relationship with Alex Ferguson it was widely believed that the -- could lead the -- leaders in the summer. But the 27 you know is going nowhere last according to the manager and. He will be an excuse because we're doing those who knew -- shouldn't over the twins. And then. Given role and -- to give up. Wins and prone. Tendencies Alou doing this place Quinton. And before we -- through. Rumors the team this time. Brady is so it's not that upset with his admission from what he not -- most important games in recent years. Evoking memories of his attempt and nearly the way from -- traffic in 2010. When he crossed the club suspicion. There's not a new issue between really really -- Did you have to be doing told you so -- your result in no instance. And then they listed the reasons for new equipment has come to attack or nothing right. We don't always do and it. I think -- again. So it really is said to be involved again causing us let's get it right in another all or nothing clash. They had detained Chelsea -- -- on some safer place in the semifinals. Here's what what's that has done this season in the front that you play more minutes than -- might have expected despite just one appearances form which. Well off the bench only one of his eleven goals have come spot. He set up nine goals this year. Was fox opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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