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Current Video:Alex Ferguson insists Rooney will stay|

Manchester United's Sir Alex Ferguson insist Wayne Rooney will remain at the club next season.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

First though let's schedule -- for this Friday evening to Wear -- size baggage made it crystal clear what he thinks of those reports that Wayne Rooney may be sold in the summer. Luckily changed your part was that bad news conference James -- Q what has he had to say. Yet -- evening Jim I think. The Bulls they science lives up to golf clubs this week the first on Tuesday night against Clement hit in the champions they didn't involve. Wayne Rooney stunting and I just got to the second time this morning that was designed to -- really. Stop anything Rory and he speculation about Wayne Rooney's future and to make it very clear. That Wayne -- is remaining in Manchester United let -- just for the -- of weeks but also for maybe next disabled years I think. You know what should now -- -- and did a pretty good job. There's -- new issue between really -- and I. To suggest to be no difficulties on the trigger his -- and no instance. And he understood the reasons for no quit in this come to a tactical. And I think were -- just from what you've said that I'm. No problems and out went most of -- you know plus the eight years to come not just weeks. Ups and Oprah went -- to -- Jimmy's Syracuse get my own world and not those who know wishes just over the twins. I -- them. Too involved in Sunday to give up. Little things have changed since may be weighed in against Manchester United saw the 12 and a half years ago but then. But nice to see -- -- revving up for transferred to school in reverse and -- and he was happy to talk about England striker in the position here. Majesty ninety but it was certainly happy to register whose interest in signing Atlanta. Don't know the situation on I can understand main -- -- would be. I said -- -- -- today but this is. Is that an advantage and -- team and that's there. They're long weeks and 200. I did get through these. While the best that I can you talk about I think that -- if you let that he came here. My -- and can. Or James you know that followed him United's champions league exit how has continued. How did dead center ice reflect on not today. Did you but the below ninety frustrations of this on the camera was -- this -- not hearing from -- -- -- on Tuesday night -- some -- -- off our colleagues from major around the world what happened that matches -- Boston's big bearing in mind. -- -- how angry we saw him on the touched on that side to side of the glass of -- That's not -- -- have -- around saying anything you regret. If that's the campus of Mike that's probably the best at -- that nobody has come down is no doubt about that it was an explosive this morning nothing in state. He still seething over what happened and maybe because that was a real opportunity to keep things Real Madrid. It could have made it straight shot easy trophy for himself full European cups not just united. I was can send I mean I was to ever say that this stuff up into. And every one event to event the week that it's going crazy and where this you know it is tough to keep your faith. Medium. Receivers top notch schools proclaimed the notre his decision. No easy -- But then when an analysis of -- cool that'd be. Didn't realize that reminds listeners we just have to go -- with that. So it's about six weeks and I just united inside his -- lead just desperate to get out here on Sunday -- and -- play Chelsea in the FA cup -- into the game will be good for his troops and. The confidence and matches -- -- the one that lost three games against Chelsea. Here it's Old Trafford but it will be a major talking point if Wayne Rooney isn't in the starting lineup against Chelsea in the FA cup with a blaze of course. In the semifinals played it. -- -- --

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