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Current Video:Herediano v LA Galaxy CONCACAF Champions League Highlights 03/07/13|

Catch all the action from Thursday's contest between Herediano of Costa Rica and the Los Angeles Galaxy.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As what you missed -- didn't watch fox soccer news last night last week LS commissioner don't gonna said that if the league hopes to one day become a top ten league in the world. It must win the CONCACAF champions league now. This likely -- Bennett bed in the champion and against that be that same on that they -- was back in champs league action against Costa Rica is in. Fulham had the honor them and really give the bullies days as is LA. Who -- four -- on the weekends and as you might be deep Patrick tried for fourth at being honest Corning Christina Montero plus cross bunkers and a it was male -- -- the 45 minutes. 52 minute Rodney King. Breaking down into the books -- across full inflammation might -- You -- Utley said if there is dead -- -- you know Gomez. Just inches away from school in the opening goal four minutes to go in this one Sean Franklin takes down Gomez in the area on now that it beyond how. Is given the penalties -- That penalty. He'll be garments stepping up to this -- -- in the cross ball boy close close close this one ends and then they'll they'll draw. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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