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  1. Newcastle United0:14
  2. Swansea1:24
  3. Derek bell2:03
  4. Southampton0:29
  5. Liverpool1:17
  6. Chelsea1:43
  7. Arsenal2:02
  8. hat trick1:33
  9. Boston0:58

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sunday's action kicks off in the northeast is Newcastle United -- -- six hits -- -- has -- The Buckeyes still have lingering relegation concerns following yet another -- defeat this time -- once they. But it much stronger -- look like guys winning that last -- including a commanding fourteen victory against Southampton a full night's guy. Injuries continue to be a concern for -- logic fifteenth as the brits here I'm achieving and cynical -- looking sentiments Sunday's clash. Have hit that -- will face a late fitness test to see if he's recovered from his hamstring problem. So I could struggle for wins at night with just one in that last night I never knew what he wants to play for -- season. But disappointing I'm 52 days' rest on the last timeout would have upset Boston units but still thinks his team comfortably away from the medications -- in eleventh place. That could be -- it by there instead of Mathieu -- and he's recovered from the back injury and Michael -- may also be available after sitting out the last few games on problem. The final game of the week and seized the in -- sides keep backing this free scoring Liverpool I thought -- -- -- -- It's going goals twenty games without -- -- for the hindsight brushed aside Swansea and we could to keep that same champions beat her tonight. Four of those goals have gone to Europe one striking there Suarez completed a hat trick against lefties last time out. Which means he's the league's top scorer on 21. Before now sits seventh in the title but that's still ten points -- mindful thanks Chelsea. Both Brendan Rodgers could again be without striker Daniel -- she missed the last game with a thigh injury which is will be particularly keen to have some very debatable as for the forty yet so there's a vacuum which -- Celtic. Tell them and into the game off the back of a memorable opens -- -- victory at the local rivals Arsenal. Derek bell was the man of the -- once -- -- I think the scoring with his seventh goal in five games. The wind consolidated that place just -- I've faced them seven points -- replaced -- -- Both are driven us both sides that happens to them but they kind of ideal body by or available despite invite you know it's against the tennis. We may also be able to call upon their intensity and you know -- featuring.

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