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Just full -- -- sixty some sacks -- -- won fifty games comes from the days stadium plan -- -- -- that it is true that. Finished sixth want to. It's good news bad at night for the Royals who also full game since being concerned that in the month the guys. At -- entreaties from last time out on routes because they've got the late consolation. Redhawks three blown. Bryan the Devils will have to assess the businesses you can't pass that he didn't tell him to be. I've been better Ricci had to actually injury it says she would tell you did exactly -- at -- and that's what this. The visitors happened that expensive school wisely in just one of best wild. In his last week about his old life back in December when Neifi typically -- -- field -- should thank -- faced were twice. Plus full Lambeau will be I picked up something on topic inside the night of -- signing Darren Bent is likely to -- out -- -- Injury. Harry Redknapp slight disadvantage to the greatest guy continues -- of this rightfully his three top -- just I'm thankful sentiments -- -- -- we buoyed by last week's 31 away -- -- -- -- the Southampton when I was reading and maple -- on the score sheet. It was just that they're rated this season hadn't won there since coming to. This. So people really exercise to -- -- against the Saints sounded doubtful for stuff today. Appropriate excelled when replacing Cesar is a very public guy who's been in prison. So that probably in that last fight that -- have of Ralph reed's control would put them last week and the black cats recovered -- he goes behind the pitcher when -- comes to stuff on excessive you know. -- -- -- We -- -- stiff penalties in Philly basketball got me righteousness goodness me country injuries. Hockey skill talent to pretend like this that today. As another game affected the bulk of the play yeah right right back -- sixteen points and -- Hindsight is still not guaranteed safely in Boston's lead in the school Monty because -- team. Canaries athlete takes is against teams around the invitation to come up when no match for Manchester United last weekend -- -- Bill Belichick picked up just one -- into -- together. The -- -- -- increase the Ryder attends about drew seven and out of Tennessee -- -- and he felt good. Okay good job Brett Keisel said thanks to -- and it's been sacrificed him to make him. It's been -- -- they stop -- yet we'll -- -- that he's picked up just one win but there's been several practices have to -- yet. The Saints to just three points above the relegation zone with ten games remaining -- that schools will help like it's 21 defeat to relegation -- Now. Just to injury concerns for the Argentine bust out daddy boxing out and -- on it -- picked up knocks. -- we can. West Bromwich Albion woken -- up to Swansea city in the whole rules. The Vikings have cemented that position in the top half of the table and despite the setback against Chelsea last weekend. Still have their eyes on Wilson's record when it. -- -- to sit -- definitely picked up and ultimately had a semblance of -- to guys football but it it probably will reflect. I think it's breach. It's been a -- few weeks for Michael lounge it's 16. They followed up when they successive -- -- -- -- build my victory at the New Castle Nicole got away. When the lights on for the last night. Obviously there's -- season. This ones that set to again be without starting center back -- Flores as the past three games with a back injury argument.

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