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Current Video:Recap: PSG goes through with draw against Valencia|

Check out FOX Soccer News as PSG ends a long drought of not reaching the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. To Paris we go with the talk between PS GM Valencia was much much closer late Griese and came away with 21 win in light number one but -- can cost. Black that you bring and -- had to watch from the press box. After being sent off in -- the task was very simple a whole draw would send PSG into their first quarterfinal since 1990. Five sounds so easy. It wouldn't be you know PSG unbeaten in their last one into European. Home. Meanwhile David Beckham and get a good seat for this one but not in the starting eleven there is -- -- On the press -- actually in advance of the luxuries we. Six minutes -- relief -- ball into the area for Jonas has done just that. Makes the clearance fifteenth minute -- battle. Winning the race to the ball but he shot turned away by itself what toys are you. -- the minute sold out of it staying on site sets of Jonas. But he shot. Drifting just why. First half stoppage time now Jonas outside the area -- review. It would get in front of that making the stop as it was scoreless. The 55 minute we go we're Jonas outside the area album just write it beating Syracuse. Abuse anyone know Valencia it's tied on aggregate he has he's leading on away goals 66 minute Kevin Demirel. Running into the area the ball bounces to -- Betsy Pete varies his own rebound EST. -- good in the event saying opposite things he looks good as well take the shirt off he's -- yet it's all tied up once every first minute Valencia corner kick ever been negative. Sending it into the areas to review reading up on all the way dying seconds of stoppage time -- -- get cleared away. As time expired PST. 32 on aggregate they're moving on. At -- Betsy has scored five goals in his last four champions league games he has he's top scorer in the competition this season. Does the first time he has you've qualified for the -- -- that mentioned since 1995. Post match. Carlo Ancelotti was thrilled with his team's historic win. British. It doesn't let it run embarked on the as the -- for -- -- -- -- -- for the club an award -- Because. It. Upcoming TV he Pee-Wee hours to reach the final lap I lost my language that I can be -- -- His grandfather from. And you know we need to do that because you want to. They're groomed for we won the last sixty. I'm real to -- -- have to do a lot worse than a miracle to find. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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