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Current Video:Juventus v Celtic UEFA Champions League Highlights 03/06/13|

Find out if Celtic could pull off a miracle come-back against Juventus to advance in the Champions League.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Even just -- Celtic FC in the second leg of their round of sixteen -- Read up on the first -- counts up. -- school system. You know let's say come back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On this night. Goods today initially the Bulls about Matt street. Couldn't miss. He -- himself to. What get a -- walks a sick but who thought. Moments at the show what it takes a wicked deflection. Wolf who thought -- lots of sank. You know. Just put his foot under it didn't it. It to be seventy years of big games coming into this one event as you can see why. -- And support. The balance. Who -- his ability to as a way for obscure. Not that Johnson's over the two legs Celtic. Patriots. Spezza -- second let's say full stop. This was locally grown up play. But. Austin -- down is onside. So I was glad yeah. Yeah it's a seven seconds. You know stating that regression to the last night in that style. Dentists we've seen it on the nights five and on aggregates. Under through.

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