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Find out if Ibrahimovic's absence hurt PSG's chances of advancing in the Champions League against Valencia.


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I'm Perry statue amount book their place in the last night they have a two -- -- -- And it's an -- second leg against an ethnicity at. Your team gains finishing. It's not so. Any cat it. -- -- If you was right behind not off. So good luck. -- the confidence -- instead. It's close to the open up syndicate tested well small. Hopefully for both of these Spanish side. Back to Tampa. Post these terrorists. Let's find the strike. At this guy's very much alive. That goal in the competition it could be -- Vick bought. See it -- so I -- kids but don't set the second attempts. Let it sit -- -- couple nights. Well well. Three on aggregate. Well if they get a second what's. Olivier did that thank thank -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One lost jobs perhaps in no way. -- -- -- Through to the quarterfinals.

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