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Current Video:Lavezzi aiming for European glory|

PSG's Ezequiel Lavezzi believes his side are more than capable of winning the UEFA Champions League. Hear what he has to say.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss that you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. History is a team with huge ambition in fact Rex Elliott not a said this week that ridding the team is not built for the French league the bill for the champions league. -- about building closed the addition of -- live Betsy this cost -- out. The -- Napoli man it's taken this time adjusting to those confidence in his seems prospects. And secular vaccine is sitting at home. -- just the right time. The -- school the opener as Arizona -- not want to run away at Valencia in that round of sixteen personally. Adding to the three doubles he schooled in the -- I'm glad Betsy believes Theres -- are already good enough. To be genuine contenders. For Europe's biggest. -- -- Like do well I think that every player who plays for a big team. Has the expectation to win titles and an article -- and every player -- place for these important clubs. Dreams of winning the UEFA champions league -- still -- you know the best teams from all leagues competing. So that makes the UEFA champions league a lot more challenging. You -- us a good let me us know what to look for that didn't you. The vaccine scintillating displays during -- police runs in the round of sixteen last season this lady PSG to sign him. The 27 year old enjoyed five seasons -- club well known for coaxing the best out of Argentines. Also got to think your putt on the -- well it certainly has something special about it. Today especially for us Argentinian its core much the reason of course is -- Maradona played and of course I'm not help me to make a decision to go on plant that club. You could actually being that it's a city in which she was constantly surrounded by football with a it's a great experience for us and I think it's and we didn't. From Naples to Paris whenever the full -- the spotlight shone so brightly on the city's principal football team. David Beckham is the latest high profile signing. The vaccine was the first although the early part of this -- she career was interrupted by injury. The idea that just didn't put on milk then I think I have been getting better -- by tonight. I didn't mean I haven't reached my level yet. No I haven't really showed the kind of -- my hat when I was playing for Napoli though it really shouldn't -- I really got a some great performances to continually bringing into. I don't think I have been able to replicate what I did tonight and yet that -- -- -- but I have been improving. And getting better day by day when he. -- -- -- I'm still quite -- the team. Like many others too and we still have to find ourselves as a team and so the -- call. So quickly things just need a bit more time and people from just. Another -- full -- in the season's UEFA champions league is a decent return considering he believes is best is still to come. The next challenge is to make sure that fine work in Valencia does not go to waste. -- days I think people now suddenly it seemed that demands a lot of respects. Because they're a team from the Spanish league. When they play very good football. In and teach him I think the record and a strong technically. I played a -- very well -- is listening to and Valencia have lots of experience in the champions -- Passing game is something you thought there it -- -- demand a lot of respects. However one thing is clear things we need a team can afford to make any mistakes at this -- how they -- -- process and I. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.

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