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Come see FOX Soccer News, as Adam Hunt, has a preview of Tuesday's 2nd. leg match between Man. United and Real Madrid.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Refuse to put. All. Following the first leg dry and Madrid Tuesday night's game between Manchester United and ram Madrid has become one of the most anticipated matches of the year. With both teams playing well and Christiane -- and Jose Mourinho making their returns to England this is going to be one very special uniting Europe. Anaheim has more from Manchester. I'll -- one or draw in the first leg nineteen. All that stands between Manchester. The finals. Round which it obviously showed that the united fans is -- confidence. Here no traffic. On the guilty ties or sixty England United's visit to put some -- you know it is -- School could fit as he always says he's just like the way it's -- to nothing healthy -- -- 21 to nineteen from us successful for us to see an administrator or two or maybe he won't -- enough time to match on and so it proved to be one of the breakdowns in champions. -- -- -- finished on the night. -- -- -- now that and another man known by the same name -- proved to be the game change at this time around. And do -- when we should feel good news and we go and putting them. We don't do any concern can give us then we'll forget some things that we can use effects. India to. Think they killed us mostly kind in this economy and and when -- included -- -- On nights and you know. I have stolen and those who question. Who knows what he's going to make. Too many divisions. Nobody knows -- we go from other movies because. Tomorrow. -- -- -- Watch yourself. This guy. And this doesn't look at guys who. The final round Madrid I felt it heights of last season. Marina can't sit dead in the living -- title with a convincing way win over Barcelona last week has given them a new -- of confidence -- may prove crucial. What can -- a formal thing real. -- different -- -- -- instead -- Tuscaloosa so the first one announcers of parents who have thrown for the right time for the year of this nature. We'll take in his moment isn't. Tour is a good movements -- and his sinker Heather and I know from little early enough and -- moving -- is good enough to know that some of tomorrow we can. We can go through all the kids that don't. Alex Ferguson has famously won the champions league twice as Manchester United manager because anything -- Madrid one seed 26 games. The united if you decide to keep it clean sheet here on Tuesday night that we break into the quarterfinals. Out of hunt fox soccer needs. Was fox opinions every nights at 10 PM.