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Manchester City tittle hopes are still alive after a 1-0 win at Aston Villa.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just admitted they'll Manchester City wanted to go -- did not match in the conference previously. So basically cut the gap put united back to twelve points in a state if Mickelson three. Real nice to have a 21 minutes Christian band campaigns powerful and it kicked off tonight Mike -- ten events. Score a few extra competitive season game leaving tonight without the bad county did. Prevented the team if it's a joke Lara picked up in the improvement on Sunday. You went to the seats that he set the that is probably seven sentencing could -- that -- seeing these shots that filled -- the plays like that he's not. Itself can go full team this you can go to guy in theory Silva and sentinel -- you still. Could do anything -- -- stoppage time I went to school the games I think they -- a terrible mistakes -- and not just got to -- to catch -- Find people to prove that that. Those three games now will be -- -- time. That comparison business if still had to -- today. To the second half that that a sixty thankful recognized that. But -- -- for 25 got a chance to -- For instance if you don't keep this up right -- really -- bounces good music go through that but they -- That's not -- the city defense. Fact it was -- -- sites. Could -- scored the second goal yeah I got to right. 96 skilled big shots are still the place that game Vikings -- typically have rebounded. Outside his. Since then and now we just won't waited then ask is that good -- TV games. And second had a -- penalty appeal waved away since city hung on they went eight month old today.

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