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What kind of impact would high-flying Gareth Bale have on Sunday's North London derby? Find out here.


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-- -- -- taken a huge step towards champions league qualification. They beat Arsenal 21 in the golf club until they. It's. -- in position. Titans man of the moment out of school struck. Your principal Wilson scored the boutique you'll. These rules the teams those matches this opens -- some of the things you think that the second base. Mostly with. Let's sit back woods -- And it's late to listen that his side and down and see the offense and instant. It was the -- to benefit us. Listen -- very scary defense and then. Able to -- instances in the woods was Jacksonville for the good. In the bones top of the net. The best round more than what I would have -- his second mitigated. In the second half. Look what streak pitch and that they they. Seth Garrett led on this club tickets are still people if you go Luis. Wilson -- -- -- but it's around that acts as a consequence. That gets them back. It was but I don't really shouldn't expletive run of the alma. Awards he was available to you for -- to go. It looked easy at a school for the most -- Somehow improved to a stools for us to go with -- kids. It didn't turn out to be an -- sickness. Sort of build on for the whole Premier League win in a road field world -- -- innings for the equalizer -- -- today. Would have been a travesty. It's the three points. Off now capital today that the city should particularly hopeful. It is close -- possible --

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