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Would Southampton be able to keep QPR at bay when Rangers visit St. Mary's?


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I read outs -- consensus that there is the club -- Sebastien after eight years ago. And again that he's cute yellow side to it noticeable to lose a great defensive for the today. It's a good bit of the credit. The right stuff and was second best for the for the ACC but it's completely took the -- looked -- with the finish but -- it's -- Queen's -- Rangers Bruins front. The -- plastic wrap it up to that. Beyond that the veteran thing school much of the rest the first of -- -- kill themselves just before the break -- -- -- -- problem out of -- -- This is not good -- That was against every -- as lovely finish. Many schools that the only goal of the season. And -- the tough tiebreak you rules when it. Both sides struggled to create chances in the second period again looks neither could afford to lose. And the tension of the occasion became a global present and speaks a lot of I don't want to face. Just a Faulk went close with a low rate selfless -- -- to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That inside the last fifty minutes of a -- up to defensive at a cost the better daily indeed my negotiate a course up like decent puck. Yup I didn't know with the phils which -- attempted to do a whole steroid use those -- -- don't completely outrageous. If you read that side of precious lead. Still it's not bad for south -- to restore diesel. Okay but it certainly could -- But this was their best chance to shoot almost Nike events and had a pretty physical -- it with a hindsight what happened. You've got held up -- his way to get Harry -- but very happy 66 I finished setup to what -- --

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