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  2. Chelsea0:36, 0:42
  3. bald eagle1:29
  4. Colts1:11
  5. Oakland1:16
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Current Video:Chelsea v West Brom Premier League Highlights 03/02/13|

Would Chelsea be able to ease the pressure on manager Rafael Benitez with a win against West Brom? Find out here.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- TV wistful looks and could break just to wrap this Mets the blues -- to be back into third place. They should -- -- insightful but its next -- will help wanted them the ball perfect cross. But we'll still unable to beat Ben Foster in the west will be champion bill. Recipients of what surprisingly it's just one opinion the -- all season. And becoming you know having not beaten Chelsea -- basement of the -- since -- -- in 1978. But like ending that run. And Chelsea took the -- typical and of course his velocity back like that it means. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Indeed a seventh game film throughout. That's the seventh inning his second relief -- -- -- since his move from you Wilson united. He knew coming into the game. Just a couple of points for the fifth place those who. You have your pitching was good enough. Into the second we'll. The Colts yet again with the most likely meant to double vehicles seems to believe receptive to Oakland police -- from Boston. Mr. Clinton sixty who played in the last year. The club and country. If you can only be -- typical -- with the bald eagle plugged him he wanted but. It looks good with another decent save. The idea guilty that they could eat the best who won just a couple of minutes later this and it was almost his own work. Dribbling and shooting nonstop succession of how you defend this. So it was penalty -- and Puerto. Until forces linked intervention. At this point Chelsea's offense doesn't pick it a little anxious Westbrook was certainly between the second half but they happen in the first. Couple of Jones is included in the streak hit flipping through the week -- -- -- -- -- -- It would mean he's played just three candidates. Reviewed and since then throwing it to him to -- struggled badly today build it up the one who --

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