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Current Video:Manchester United v Norwich City Premier League Highlights 03/02/13|

Catch all the action from Saturday's contest at Old Trafford.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Real Madrid they feel the horizon -- strikes -- is it still made the strong starting lineup to get storage. -- -- Manchester United failed to play in a very adult that's tough battle traffic. This outlet for Michael carried the most excited about it in the match until just before the break. United state dig their Premier League record of scoring eight consecutive home league games to 63. Get to see it should -- tackle in first half stoppage time. And Ted epilepsy is truly best did to wolves got. We'll play -- again. -- Delicate -- made it feel none. It may have felt a little popped -- like he can read he had to pull behind it and it was very different between the sides of the best theory it's. The united stats of the gas towards the end of the match -- maybe eighteen tricky to suggest that the sun. How good was that this. The house to stay at home to united you schools within that that that any coach -- hit the road. What class but no it's not seen them that -- -- it is not well. It is often -- to make the most of the opportunity. Surely surroundings -- accidentally Yeltsin that. He's going to actually went round comes to town on Tuesday. When you go back to putt well -- -- -- it's editions of the high school that. United play in the game doubtful Poole and they've got multiple goal it still pitched tonight -- -- both tackle he finished it strictly. -- -- -- -- -- -- All right Sidney could be the England man thought too much time that space here and really punish them devastating hit. United practice fifteen points they -- Manchester City and -- bump day days. Not say that's going to -- well lit Jose Rodriguez Ed Wright but little traffic in -- -- united fooled Hillary spin.

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