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Current Video:US calm ahead of U-20 final|

Tab Ramos, Dillon Serna and Benji Joya shed light on Friday's semifinal victory over Cuba.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The United States advance to the final of the CONCACAF U twenty championship with 180 victory over Cuba on Friday night. Mario Rodriguez and Daniel play that's scored inside the first eleven minutes to stake the Americans to a lead they would not relinquish. Really -- it. I think. He's many times. That's -- you. You know we have. I was really excited to get the starter Tom didn't really know come in I was going to be playing. Defensive role but I think left back -- put the -- so. I recited my -- first half was pretty they're coming at us. And then second half we're up to zero and we knew we had a how to keep the game locked out and one of the things we talked ought to have to always keep in Valencia so I think we -- really -- that. That was due to start off good at the beginning and getting those two goes it is. But isn't a situation. Now we just concentrated on not making mistakes and just keep keep playing the way we started which cut as the two goals and I guess the team did a pretty good job. We came here it for an objective was which was to qualify for the World Cup. Now the second is to be champions and I guess if we just continue to -- the way were playing we should be fine. And it really doesn't matter where we played -- -- in Mexico but I think I'm pretty used to the environment. Should be a free lesson when aren't acting a pretty pretty exciting game tonight. The reward for defeating the -- events I daunting David Mexico at his idea what to knock on Sunday night. Kyle McCarthy fox soccer.

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