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Current Video:Preview of this Saturday's Premier League matches|

Catch up with FOX Soccer's, Bobby McMahon, as he breaks down the coming Premier League games.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. -- This or not to kind of Chelsea bosses when -- class of the west from comes up that's we got this week to preview the friendly weekend. Let's got to win -- thank Bob McMahon sending my body. Gotta start things off which tells him west from the got Rafael Benitez making all the headlines this week. Now west brom look we completed Chelsea manager -- They can -- -- How is gonna get this thing isn't that if -- the coincidence than have of their material and on previous what was what was it. And wins brawl when you get final shoot is not lost than Rafa Benitez but. This week it's all been a bit beneath is this call -- in the insinuation continuing to come and stop the bridge and establishing not. Lane with the media. That is opposite the funds or watching them or became Saints. Who was accused of it is getting pushed to that they're cracking point above and it's well thought and strategy I guess the only huge -- what was but the reality news. Then begins and Chelsea ones who game was over the last few weeks. Pretty good voice but -- would not be completely shut shut off. But this simply would -- be marginalize a low water in the and that's what have the confidence is Chelsea just home in -- and watches. I ended begin the Saints that and then get themselves in the same position as it was last year. With everything except the champions league run. And sold -- really act emphasizes how important is but Chelsea take to win these games in particularly warm. Really come on the -- for which is great arm but being there isn't the Dick Cook comes on the such for most ferocious criticism. I'll be on the -- says situation. Isn't issue with Chelsea's upcoming schedule. When you look at nobody games have played already yes it and hopefully fourteen games already even if the lose to Mon JJ Neifi cup and quick to -- who financed. And beautiful league they'll still blowing though the fourteen -- stay -- and that's a long gains and that's a law operational in the you look at innings this season sports once you -- -- in a political Stamford Bridge Joseph got the school profit in the cup on the league in the bud go on field as well. These games can't get called problem than people on what so. I think it really reinforces again how important is it that Chelsea pick up the points this weekend against west for home. Because if they going to going to be would condone that would have very hot scheduling been busy schedule I'm dabble in all of may be too much for the misstatement. Let's move to goodness and body average and home to -- had their hands full -- once already this season have their hands full with the -- what are you expecting them this weekend. Well that was a big loss and Hornish last week I'm David points and in a little bit there and beat this weekend obsessed. Read between the -- thinking that they -- help -- -- bad auction but they have. Either in the lead of the seven points by in fourth place -- The Poland to hostility between them as well the vols to go and remember this once he -- Roman Liverpool and I'm beginning to -- possibly be nipping at the heels as well. So you look at all -- the opening inning could tell that we promising season but it often. And to out rather disappoint in one of the feat that we live on this season so maybe guy he caught Johnson and people would in a police in you do today keep up. May be that bad -- that's not going to it and I read it picked up the season Bachmann -- the good -- against some production tailed it. He's just a bush and he's noticed -- stop making the ones you've beaten him in the season. But it -- painful for what he's opens its awful lot of confidence. I know that as well as he struggles this horrible thing is to be patient lot but we have of them if you pot pot season. Forward to Manchester United where Ryan Giggs is stealing headlines again and last time -- Lawson are at at care wrote earlier this season. What are the chances of lightning striking twice. The bet quotable alarming say god they've been bought it when it cottonwood and we've locked in November was I'll sleep well this doubt that could very well not tonight. I'm that was actually in the middle of updating you've won that Dallas didn't score many Eagles and not say if not that's not run it but they didn't concede me I don't. But the reality is you look at the audit you for the season so far. It's really about the hole and for not we have to be strong a we fought on the struggled that one when it's one do you. The one not game forced to be you look at the race that we -- -- -- scored more than one goal away from. This in the league. I'm sort of pulled off -- with the -- really -- -- helping David could take in the sites it's very difficult it's he had bought it jumping to any -- we've scored one goal can be we with a point so. -- it's a really big gospel notice this weekend's. Well said -- let's look at Wigan and Liverpool the -- next moving out of the drop zone on goal differential yes but at the drop zone yet again. Revert to Martinez fantastic magician -- magician gets figured out at some point do they not expect and a great escape from Wigan. Phase is what are the ages is gonna catch a little but I thought it was going to be this year but I give bigoted Davis helping game. Then -- headed awesome hospital and gold cup is -- the Cubs -- divide us both -- beat. Is that what you think that we get this -- usually pretty five guys is. Is say keeping an even keel as plausible defenses can stand. Do you look at this what the golf left to go eleven games in Boston -- video last game of the season. Could go GPA ought to visit to keep god in. April. I think when these two games an average -- point a game in the other nine day in the definitely stay in all. Forcibly PD BC you know that without all the -- not game against possible -- this season but. It was a good win last weekend this scored three goals away for awards mean nothing went home I draw all the love approval in this situation I think we did -- stop to be in the count being put them. Props -- such a great result for -- of pool but pretty solid point for -- and I think. RA electing our -- -- this week and you enjoyed embody and thanks for chatting -- that's. Thanks very much. Once fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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