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Current Video:Rafa Benitez clarifies on his comments|

Come see FOX Soccer News as Rafa Benitez continues to make headlines in the Premier League.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you -- if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Now draft but he says he made waves this week when he told the world nobody really thinks about the support he's received from the Chelsea faithful in his time as who's boss in the often criticized parity. At the club on Friday graphic clarified his comments ahead of what is actually become the kiss of death for Chelsea manager's clash with -- west -- The message was pretty clear if we. Together he would be shipped to win games to get points. To be performed. Hopefully maybe took -- of healthy living basically. We stick together. We should and we can get more points and I'm -- to see a fantastic utmost to supporting the team. And it would be really pleased with the have you spoken chose to run and since when things -- so this is my business. Have you had any indication from. Chelsea board as to their reaction he said that -- an interim manager this is Darlington and on the -- not because it was not the case. I consider I had problem with them and I'll go with the rule book. So I think half and April and with the -- I do hunting for it with my equipment out of we have an April it was that Rona Ramon each. I'll -- and approach play is. So when I went to do -- the best for the team the best for the club if things don't go well against west Bromwich -- and if there is increased protest from the crowd. You still expect to be in charge this week. I don't think that would they thief. It's a point for me now before the game he's always put me I have confident that we can wind gusted up -- you talked about this monitoring through manager. You knew that was a situation we came in November than you -- -- an -- like according to the donation up. So we should that. It's. They should be for the what does Michelle wins that is it was -- -- -- When things that you -- that's a mistake and I think he's an issue the issue now is the punishment shall I would be. Has demanded tomorrow he -- and it was thrown thinking oh I'm the -- I would have to win that's -- they'll punish you don't regret coming here. -- offenses have great experience to hop in their attempt to win 456 so explanation as I finish my country into the end. And I don't want to be a distraction so well that when I want to say Bruins do we concentrate and supporting the team he will be. What's fox opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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