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Check out FOX Soccer News as Ryan Giggs' legacy continues to grow.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- what you missed he didn't watch fox soccer news last night just the united election Ryan Giggs could be reaching a major milestone this weekend and he plays against an arts eighty. It will be as 1000 career game. Saturday also marks 2018 years to this day since his debut with unite it. So how much of this 39 year old have a laugh to an -- why he'd just. I'm a new contract extension to go into a 24 season with man united taking him into the forties. It is the only player to have ever played hands forward in every Premier League season. His career span is so long that he even scored in the last few seasons of double the first division. They're out Ferguson had nothing but praise for the last minute. Deserve -- though you're coincide because. It's fallen -- the changed over the last few years -- so with pins out wonderful. -- usefulness. The replays and still had good balance and still be a change of pace the Soviets and us. As so we should go one through Padilla. He who have achieved again. Ryan Newman and Kevin movie that. Chris -- -- We don't know it is. The wells -- didn't exist sitting on 999. Senior games for 931. Of them for Manchester United. He has scored 1668. Times for the red Devils against -- and -- title. For FA cats and -- champions league medals along the way and I'll keep one point four major honors dreaded -- three seasons quite remarkable. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.