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Rafael Benitez speaks wit the media and insists that he has no issue with the Chelsea board.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The message was pretty clear. If we. To get there -- he would be shipped to win games to get points. And can be powerful. Hopefully maybe hoped -- healthy living basically. We stick together. He should and can get more points and I would like to see a fantastic out -- -- supporting the team. And it would be viewed as we've -- have you spoken says to run him -- so when things course of this might be. Have you had any indication from. With Chelsea board that to their reaction -- said that big an interim manager is is damaging. Not the worst of the case. I didn't. Put with them and I'll go with the rule book so I didn't have an opponent and with the -- If you haven't been with Michael and you know. Do you have an opponent within throwing a remote it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- So when they went to do is the best for the team that this for the -- up if things don't go well against West Orange Rockford if there's an increased protest from the crowd. -- still expect to be in charge this week it. I don't think that was the thief. It's a point for me now before the game he's always put me is I have gone through that we can we -- a perceived talks but he's monitoring through manager. You knew about the situation we came in November than you Salmons and it was a mistake according to the nation now. So -- -- Just. They said before the what does Michelle wins at least it was -- stud no. When things that you finished a mistake and I think he's an issue the issue now is the punishment so I would be. -- demanded tomorrow begins and I was -- thinking -- I'm -- would have to win dusty -- company -- he doesn't regret coming here. -- have great experience -- how did you pretend to win. 056 so explanation as I'm feeling confident again. And I don't want to be at least section so when it when I want to say to everyone as we concentrate and supporting the team he will be.

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