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Many around the league praise Rayan Giggs for his outstanding career.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So -- O'Hara takes -- -- little Couric in numbers 999. Senior games for club and country. Think it's a club record in the 131. For Manchester United. He's got a 168 cup goals making him seventh on the old -- -- he's -- record twelve pro -- titles. For FA cups but to those in 1990 -- two champions league titles in 1999 -- 2000 nice. And that type -- what an incredible 24 might draw thus making in the most decorated football in British football history. Just a testament to Rob Ryan -- both the player and a person. And that ability to stay at the top of a very demanding spoke for 23 is going every season and it's just absolutely brilliant for the club for himself. I think it is set an amazing. It is exceptional. In days. Really it's something that. I as a football around I have to go to -- to believe it not to believe that. Somebody can't play house matches. But the most of these different things that so Q school six seem so different he played these -- save team. And he's just great he is just great this is what they saved. It's tough. To tell you they -- Playing these for me is they want all the best play during the war. And how it may -- supposed but people didn't play that US and it's but he he wasn't -- dusty from this season because of that ruling gives you just amazingly fantastic. Great great -- and a fantastic professional. And them. Just keeps going changed positions them but throwing -- winner pitching in the Premier League team -- -- We can control today and grateful won't grain and just hope that in an -- and could play it.

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