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Current Video:Rafa Benitez to stay put for now|

Find out on FOX Soccer News about the outcome of Rafa Benitez comments.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Missed the with a wrath of I'm sure many people thought would be fired on Thursday. Following his comments on Wednesday when he called -- both fans and ownership in that already legendary tirade will ref was back at practice today. And in charge call -- solid Cole has the story. It was business as usual for Chelsea play is off to training at Kobe in this morning. Rafael Benitez is confident that he'll be interim manager until the end of the season. He says yes they're really good relationship with broad in the -- beach and a fantastic relationship with everyone that prop. All base just a day off day he said base in a news conference. I half a type of someone to shed that title would mean -- -- -- the only thing case McIntyre they want to blame me for everything that he's don't. And the initial -- with anything just in case kind of these you know decision. I don't agree but -- joint decision and now everybody has to take responsibility. The former Liverpool manager has had a tough time winning over Chelsea supporters. Benitez feels that he's being undermined by their protests. And -- slipped into real manager this undermine the authority. Any of these -- Chelsea needles that some changes Pollack the new console manager -- sympathy for result is the number. Yeah I think kind of that this I'll probably didn't -- -- -- we didn't help. Chose him perks. Even they're upstairs they might regret that talks with you say if you wanna call it that. You know he's a great manager they're great club -- -- sold out. The -- point two Benitez is tall and stand for -- is being a new week against Aston Villa. Now he's made it clear he's leaving school -- too good to be like didn't succeed the -- six cents a. By and large -- -- -- of some he's gonna come along to your position at some stage as this there's one thing they showed -- -- left -- only -- -- exit. Maybe an awesome thing they consider that an of for the long hopefully eventually somebody's going to get jokes a little temporary manages a foot of the -- and callers. When but he says a rule like Chelsea with four points of the top of the table and now nineteen points behind majesty and only team. They still in the hunt with two trophies and a champions league place though and other managers expect him to stay until May. Force a true friend and his emotions. Probably will actually see wish him well right from the start so it can happen and I feel for him. -- -- -- Especially if I don't it's Oklahoma obviously you know so powerful moment. I think he's professional so we will probably do -- to completely and embassies. Chelsea's next game is against West Bromwich Albion. Prevented -- Mateo would all gravy splash but both state jolts -- -- -- -- of reducing the sacks today he's opponents. Now speak into the previously on Thursday for an interview hill air over the weekend graphic clarified some of us in the game saying. My relationship with the and it is really good every time might sort of on average about before I enjoy it. I'm not that he wants to win on him because he wants to win and I'll try to my best and to -- lost faith. The relationship is fine I don't have any problem with anyone. But the plot thickens report states that Chelsea was unaware that beneath his pedigree to the previously. Now that there's a look at how the -- full and the penalty has changed -- wrath but to go to the range of Joseph in season. Efforts on -- appointment Chelsea was sitting in the place. Four point that the city. We're in first place have a fifteen game like that. You see that Chelsea had dipped to fourth place as -- nineteen points behind league leaders Manchester United. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM eastern and Pacific.

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