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US U-20 head coach Tab Ramos shares his thoughts on the upcoming CONCACAF U-20 semifinal against Cuba.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

United States and its funny national team has already secured a place in this summer's World Cup but the job here at the CONCACAF under twenty championship isn't done yet. The focus now turns to the semifinal date with surprise package Cuba on Friday night. The -- -- against their first fifa 120 World Cup with a dramatic 21 victory over Costa Rica on Tuesday. US coach Tab Ramos said his side will be prepared for the challenges presented by their athletic opponent. But I think right now for us the process hasn't changed at all I mean we've. We've lost a couple players that I think -- we need to focus on is on the players who are here and our goals are still the same was so gonna try to win the next game and then try to win the game -- I mean. Our preparation hasn't changed nothing has changed we are preparing right now for Cuba. And hoping to win that game so that we can -- -- final after watching Cuba plays serve you know for three games. They're not a surprise anymore it's anyone. Here. They they're very good transition team they're very physical they have good players and when I say physical I don't mean so much in that sense of you know tackling harder being dirty. They're physical in terms of being able to cover ground in and deal over the field. The transition from from the defensive side to the forward side very quickly that's something that we may have difficulty with because we have had already in this tournament. And something that we are focusing on going into the next game. There's there's a lot of room for improvement you know they have a good part is that I think we have. Players with that with good personalities here who are willing to accept challenges and and I think that's what was proven over the last three games on. All three games are very difficult. And all three games we've played with a little bit of a different lineup. But I think that all the players who have done an opportunity to -- has shown on the field that are up to the challenge and I think that our next game is not going to be any different. Ramos will hope to compensate for the departures of key fixtures. Luis TO into it at -- after both players returned to their club teams after Tuesday's victory over Canada. But the United States remains hopeful that he can secure a place in Sunday's final. Kyle McCarthy fox soccer news played the Mexican.

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