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Current Video:Premier League Saturday Preview|

Take a look at what's to come on Saturday as eight Premier League matches are on show.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

South have since relegation six pointer against queens park Rangers take center stage is grabbed 28 to -- Barclays Premier -- -- -- today. -- -- sport to -- -- -- to back that the -- last week. That was just the second -- content Fabrizio fourteen on -- he beat champions Manchester City that last Sunday. Holding each night lane opened the scoring is subject to spot and has actually speeches it's not outside in the four year contract extension. The Frenchman is set to continue to midfield but there -- doubts over the fitness of pullback in the children's pretend to be injury was cut short club tight side. -- get a -- probably still -- struggling to make this weekend's clash. The problem. But just eleven games of the season remaining tiger is turning out to keep yup we write this it marries faulted at the table and seven boards tonight beat. After a five match and beat the -- -- school as did recently with a heavy defeat to Swansea qualified lost the match at the united. Don't let me make his return from injury is something that match -- feasible or continued his comeback with the best stuff informants. Boss Harry Redknapp he's hitting right just survival lights on the front tiring but it's good to gel quickly it -- to pull off the rights day. Correct upside nothing vested at Wimbledon do against the Cubs specific medication -- -- -- -- -- life. Keep the options that we can afford to repeat to be disastrous 31 regrets about what excites them that. Chelsea face West Bromwich Albion at Stamford Bridge. Interim boss Rafael Benitez -- to speak at tackle by the Cubs sport as supporters following Wednesday's epic got great. But he test events he really picked up at the end of the season. But criticized them for giving him the title -- -- -- and set the support his actions could cost the team that likes the champ. But what a joke but he says -- that he could frosty reception that usually Stamford bridge on Saturday he's not big circle that I took actually go right -- -- And what Massa will sat out Wednesday's week will be to stretch but the fact is it. Let's -- impressive winner of a -- for the last week I get back to back victories -- -- success at Liverpool. Both steeped cup will be identical when I've -- another former player when he returns to pick -- -- -- might have approached. Chelsea's covered strike is may be struggling for goals they're -- -- elite company isn't. Unlike from the Phillies to US probably -- is the leading scorer for -- and he's ineligible to -- -- today against him. You copies absence could regulate it -- -- if we need to make it controversial return to the starting lineup. Nigeria received a mixed reception from the old -- crap last weekend. Having failed in his attempts to engineer a check your immune to keep you up but he did net the winner in the corresponding fixture season. We're up above is -- he sets the final day three. Saturday night kicked off season we could take over Liverpool. The left extracted their chances of Premier League survival with it and I think -- that would benefit has recognized weekends. Third set at every -- -- -- -- the African -- for the nation's future seems to have expired preventing boxing has been just the right time. Yeah I Torre's team goes to the -- he stated that they seasons to have eight to ten in all competitions. But despite that quick -- and sit just one place at the drop side. But today as he could've executed the opposition dugout quade opted to accept -- the -- -- the seventh protecting -- made a big hero fit. He didn't help but reading while also -- -- -- me peachy is in line for -- return to prevent injury. Liverpool is said to have any action intended to build on the fight -- pressure the squad today chief people like to guys. By the sixth that Brendan Rodgers sighed and picked up tapped it Europe. -- -- that I think it's helpful finish almost extinguished. The reds policies down the strike detail after it was revealed by the I've -- he will miss the -- and thank. Think children suffered against the storm it's possible to schedule is also sidelined indefinitely with a thigh problem at least Jamie -- period set to continue the back. It's his fourth season. The reds swept we can decide that the teams that any of the extent that we Suarez scored twice in the green -- that field. At this stage of the campaign -- usually gets it right so expect to play significantly to -- Elsewhere on Saturday Manchester United have to extend that lead to fifty points when they RH. Edited and to provide that toppled championship games relegation threatened ready. Spoke of -- -- -- the Britannia stadium. But it traveled since I didn't. Really crappy cup witness Swansea city -- so I think.

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