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Current Video:Recap: West Ham v Tottenham|

FOX Soccer news recaps Monday's Premier League action between West Ham and Tottenham.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss by not watching fox soccer news last night. So the Premier League action and it's a London Dhabi as west ham host Tomlin on Monday night's. And of late Expos have depended on Gareth bales brilliance the Winger had ten goals in his last twelve league games and Jim play crucial goals sued -- sad but at the school the last fall league goal since there is. Also making a move in the table. A win on Monday and they'll -- good in the -- nearly. Up front of the match have been of applause was held to commemorate the 25 anniversary. Of the possible for the Winston and England captain will be able. One of these old time greatest multiple and repeated. In East London as well that's it becomes who's going to those -- it -- well Gareth bale again the -- man. That run that. Incredible finish when -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The bills 25 woman and a physical -- -- and bring them Andy Carroll -- contentious -- it was a penalty. From the squad as the big man Andy -- himself dance and school from the -- top shelf full power. From the tunnel 11 tells the that the saves -- 44 now suppose the opponent Stephen -- that was the head. As an -- in with the first of many. Great saves on this night 11 -- on second on bail from the -- at -- -- games against -- and again. The great race -- 57. You can citizen shoes from targeted against -- -- off the post and then denies and then you kind of put you on the rebound. News fifty night Joey oh -- into the books junk ball great they'll -- and -- spin and the finish that happens. The runs in one on some goods courtesy call who's running against what is it 2001. Moving on those exposed. From another Florida called them again next in the lane and -- him but that's my uncle that that -- -- Next up Baylor and then what we want to write songs but this -- you sitting up over the the ball 76 I was dead pool eventually becomes a citizen a study in the is -- -- schools students. Good isn't Iceland's best -- since you'll. Outstanding -- they'll thoughts -- -- because again it's on the pluses that appeals had to give no. -- he keeps his team in this one books but not yet this could be but I will. Walking him too much space this field she went so back. Slide and -- about what -- -- From Garrett failed he has absolutely incredible supposed to win the three to the final and what about Vail is the. From an -- top scorer since in new did his four match winning gold and lost five games no competitions failed. As a league high eleven away from the Eagles this season and has scored twelve goals and has lost the team. These games -- -- an -- out of us was that a loss the woods regarding Darren -- -- hall of one of the world is it -- continues to produce of that thought there and you think he's. As some stage drawn out government. I'm. But he's not on I think that's probably the best to -- he's done in the size school now writes in about six or seven games. And I think that term in the end the way he's hit the way it went ten. There's not an awful lot you can do about it on the stage -- the and there's not really much time for us to combat. Curtis is such a super talent -- I think we have been able to see him this season in and another level and his decision making a difference you know every every single game. I think it can -- it is very very well I mean you're going to be man of the match in agreement finishes -- to also explains why -- you know a real politically to with the with the as a tour to going to change. But you know tremendous things. He's crazy just crazy these are certainly some falsehoods these days unbeaten in the last eleven league games winning seven into one full. -- currently on a three game winning streak to seventeen goals -- and seven against. Hello this is just down to battle of course nine goals and all those matches to the standings. United of course are the top -- was 68 points with the win over west and Spurs. We've in the third pushed them went down to pull off. And off the rounds that's all fought for 47 points. With ten points and fourteen now thirty points this Villa ready -- -- -- and that dreaded drop zone about. Join us for fox soccer news every night at 10 PM eastern and Pacific.

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