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Bobby McMahon and the FOX Soccer News crew analyze the biggest story lines from this weekend's Premier League fixtures.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We -- miss by not watching fox soccer news last night. That fourth down action from the weekend in England that would. We'll be -- -- united. They they win again they gonna smash some records here I I think -- they have for the open honest and -- -- peel off another road factional free points. It's very solid wasn't it down you look at the performances this and when these teams could stocks and really don't tell -- -- still do you look at attempts on goal both teams at fourteen. -- wanted to take some -- Johnson say you have PP what's the Johnson from long range. Hi not Solheim some really just overly optimistic getting frustrated by yet. As we can you say help and in the game that really can definitely do you Johnson was some good actress Marseille with Taylor. That was the goal by going bad Rafael but that was a real gulf between the two teams at shortstop the big. Arsenal beat Aston Villa 21 thanks to a late goal but still the same feelings continued to show for the gunners. Was in net this devastating for Arsenal and has sunny guzzle the only motive you go through them. Missed opportunities -- shorts. Good deliberately for wage positions midfield lots of violence. -- people -- dogs you'll -- some -- gold close to lose you go through in the bills did you sit -- -- every -- can -- -- -- -- for the last few games. Of marshall's feelings and that only -- insisting was. Single to win an -- do you -- points. In the orange they win their first win and ten guy inside the leaping Edmonton mall late goals considered polite. The tough things and again more vital points conceded. Who will the loss not to equalize those two that oldham in the cup the week before it and that allowed themselves -- in a game. Delighted to have second take this season against noticed because known as shake up the legalize -- -- and is well. Like a lot of -- was -- this -- cat his enthusiasm and ability she started shooting from the field lives. Really got it some -- when he came on a substitute. And I think it isn't really indicative -- him -- -- -- defeated in this game. Because you look at it noticed would have probably -- -- to a point but you've got the feeling is a game drive going. That have really felt we could get fifty points and sure enough that's what hum the song get out front. I've noted that include not able to shuffle hole minorities get a win that was abide by the result -- Hamilton. West -- 21 winners over Sunderland and they have -- Luke Luke back who to thank for that. I needed was a game -- twelve goals that and he's got them in the -- twelve stops and another fifteen appearances over the veins. Steve Clarkson really used them all the -- -- pretend she long many many many of the Titans probably got -- really was a grumpy agent for them. The only thing and made disappointments brought a little bit hesitant to give some little in about -- chance to get spots in the game Cecil scored. And the -- were clean missed a really good chance raise the games. And so -- is broken easily -- key points in to read just one bit. They held over -- cock to is probably go Chelsea funds looking forward tees are tough to stop the bridge next year. Yet they need him and he's a man city on Sunday soon celebrate poll lose performance once again demand city. So some debatable selections by mentioning before once they know what's that really well. He got it right it didn't. Have in the style that she. Yet to midfielder gusty and -- do well also law people jumping ship and think in this is indeed for Chelsea. But that wasn't what they're very well for -- chance -- -- it was probably the most solid team performance of food and for someone else. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Middle struggled a little bit but came into the game as as as a game for -- Davies gave him some I didn't say it's that I didn't pick when he came on a substitute school bunch of good all in all it was just a really really good performance. But even so the still needed Joseph -- Demeco for a bringing down Denver abundant -- all in all an excellent performance -- -- -- -- city. Yeah let's talk a little bit more about that play Joseph Hart taking down -- Bob Franklin part missing the penalty that game could have easily shift -- without play. Yeah I had that was a real does -- change the momentum changer wasn't it sat. It was Anderson because it was a -- -- one only maybe two occasions Second Amendment Tennessee defense really got strange to. -- bowl was played over the top legal -- will tackle to be -- nine. I -- -- thought that would mean attainable with Chelsea to try to play more -- it was -- the Bible in the -- to a -- go away with that because of unbelievable was taken in the volley from the goal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- slump a lot of low bounce back a flush but I think was it 2090 days and -- season when she given if I'm not mistaken. -- from lump thoughts and exactly see Maine done dead exactly simply slump up with a family. Beam on the map party's base offense and fought to a great -- -- in this one but a penalty Ko and I'm going overshadowing once again the PC -- -- CC school was just obviously terrific Vinny Vinny open game. Mirabelli the goalkeeper Brad -- in -- that make them. I'm being real champions photograph of Newcastle get an assist on as well but it just drove beautifully for CC and that. Wonder if healthy enough -- -- -- confidence and get going again full. Join us for fox soccer news every night at 10 PM eastern and Pacific.

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