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Catch up on all of the action from this weekend's Premier League fixtures.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Browns 27 in the Barclays regulate -- but craven cottage let's look at stoke. The only goal of the game alive the contest general lack of politics estimates are that it's a stunning strike and 200 plate appearances style. But the home side could have the way it's not the -- for them in the second half as Chris Matthews jackets apple didn't need stoke penalty. It's up to the -- as vital to take the opportunity to spot was safe -- box holds up so full of held on to record just don't fall when. It's the biggest one. Also ended in typical when quick victory over the past develop and -- at. And I -- one of the things at the emirates stadium despite getting -- -- -- -- when something goes -- -- five that it was six. Good up until I got into the off the bottom boat at school with the stuff in the lines of midway through the second -- what has transpired -- shots. -- -- -- -- It definitely had given that they are in the west against the struggling visit this. But he side but let them jungle five minutes from time when McDonough snatched all great points not -- Torrealba picked up a solid and a decent in the golf today. Gospel the two point. Are expected like to think javits and our road the canaries and -- ten guys that I'm grateful look like -- -- like planes crossed the edited by Leon -- could get that we'll beat them that's partly. The comeback stop you just six minutes from time as well that -- is going -- with -- but that's -- high. And our fiscal his best Norwich -- since arriving from the amendments. And then they did the stoppage time the home side -- the house down as Russell Boston. It deliberate it was fumbled it but my clothes twice if it brought home a draft class. -- pick -- much needed win for the RH Edinson lose ground in the -- -- -- couple -- -- sliced off off this road and it was related but just in 98 through strolled to victory over relegation threatened. Keep you off it's if -- want to strike to open the scoring though. As well -- that so that is an unstoppable volley I'll studios this off of a couple of insult that was only one winner. The second goal didn't arrive until ten minutes from -- boat as wind picked up his 900. 99 the rare parents with the strike for tonight's united fifteen points there at the summit. For a few hours at least while the Rangers boss Harry Redknapp to championship have a different description that lived on. We get got the better of Redding -- relegation six pointer. Stadium and a surprisingly lopsided contest while Wiggins played a lot of room at -- was credited with a full of people and help them. I'm the last six doubled their advantage and that's -- based -- -- -- as usual talk it out overnight. And the -- he's goal to make it to him right. It was -- that they just bring that into the second period when I don't think so -- stop it finished the group that played very hill. So calls for a precious free points. Struggling rivals out of closely when in seven was a short when Redding were reduced to ten men with -- But that -- still left to play pat now but read the act childish right back on that his flushed right he would lunge on Figueroa. Roberts' -- got told right Royals. West brom Sunderland at the whole ball but they needed it she gets penalty awards held them off that white. Greg -- up an extra power bolt and that would have paid for teed off on the back. Here's fell behind Wimbledon that I'll be cold this signs -- good. The company would effectively wrap up the points went his consistent pay dividends eventually. Like just scrambled back -- and chalky downs. Thought that I did an adult back light so when things went planes crossed the designated as far as stated sex -- -- still. Fruit because the consolation is that funny -- I just want to look. -- -- On Sunday when you've also got the -- -- south. Six don't grow up it's the site just bring that explode in the scoring those big things from states. But it was the visitors Frenchman -- I'd like to stop the host. You colossal level by just half a half hour we'll go what happens welcome it -- -- -- the I'll look things to soak up the sport. But go by it being slightly pull it up but there was no doubting the quality at the strike -- what you counseling from. Happy -- say that -- work with a this big blow right volley but it's one of the bright. But moments off -- -- -- self. What a -- very difficult to hold on and keep it out of them on a crossing over boundless and hundredth goal for the club as well with the season so off. However -- that up whether that is that the points as you can also regained their lead. Baseball betting folks he's -- -- penalized and then yeah by doing the whole punishment twelve yards. A thrilling victory was not -- comical fashion went off season marriage. He's done and look at the old that you -- -- Tough on site to remain in trouble could -- possibly be in the right direction after the sports city tried. He'd -- Chelsea to melody and he got stadium vodafone's should have trailed just off the half time. We go Hawks fouled them a holiday -- I'm fine I'm all sorts of good save by hope that he got repeating itself ball up I'll miss the count. Go not very -- it's not. Great goals defense. You've got off to -- we'll find them. How off -- five -- from time almost and it didn't get a long break gonna district but the champions dreadful second that what would you. Brown 27 concluded which has helped them taking that likes that victory a little less traveled Monday night. The match that was a -- attributable. To his legend Bobby ball toss slightly. -- -- What's the game got under way it was another legend in the making who took center stage as Darryl -- guys talk about the team didn't play with a well placed strike. But west tumbled back on level sounds like fullback Thomas got -- this job -- and how resulted in a penalty for the hosts. Had a couple bogeys how open itself up to that spot game. The home side then took the lead just shy of the gala ball what -- Colts were able to fire Shell -- -- -- lorries. It's easier when celebrations for him to be perfect just fits for us this gold guarantee it. I Ellsbury people's health and you'll be -- -- that's probably his best party they don't put up. A stoppage time approached it looked like finishing -- of pace but found on a variety is reducing us up to live -- -- get -- -- -- -- It every -- victories. I'm glad that strengthens those counties and champions league qualification. So his compilation of the title off the ground like seven. QB I'll continue to -- up that rest and now seven point six I think. -- gonna cost them that I joined them at the drop zone what was it went over the Royals expect seventy. At the top Manchester United by saying that twelve point lead at the summit. Man city go to a six -- second half of a proposal -- hills having moved up to. Chelsea -- now for just two points ahead of possible.

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