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Catch all the action from Saturday's Premier League fixtures.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Browns 27 in the they really felt like craven cottage let's -- -- I'll spoke. The only goal of the game but -- that contest general lack of politics estimates are that it's a stunning strike and not these 200. -- appearances style. But the home side that have the weights not the way for them in the second half as nostalgia Jack as apple defeat stoke the penalty. Some of the -- as a child to take the opportunity to spot was safe -- -- -- up. So we'll -- held on to record just the ball. They didn't want him. Also ended in typical when quick victory over the past developed an awesome at. I hope what good things in the emirates stadium despite getting off to a fly when something goes all out five and it was six. Good up until dangling off the -- -- and supported this up the lines of midway through the second half what has transpired that shot swing. -- -- -- It definitely that given that they -- in the west against the struggling this that this but he side. And let them -- five minutes from time. What McDonough snatched all great points and not terrible morale picked up a solid -- his second -- the golf today. -- -- -- -- -- Are expected like to think debit and our road the canaries and -- ten. I'm -- looked like he -- big win like planes crossed the edited by Leon -- to get that we'll beat them that's partly. The comebacks not to just six minutes from time as well let's -- losses corner with back by the towering high. And our fiscal its best Norwich -- since arriving from the amendments. And then they did the stoppage time the home side wolf the house down as Russell Martin had the deliberate it was fumbled it back close by state but brought home. -- -- -- pick -- much needed win but the RH Edinson lose ground a couple friends hopeful that. Awesome fights off Loftus road and it was silly good fun just and I didn't finish rolled to victory over relegation threatened. Q yeah off -- of what the strike to open the scoring -- as -- buyout that so that is an unstoppable volley I'll studios this off and put up. But the result that was only one winner. The second goal didn't arrive until ten minutes from time -- as. Ryan -- mom has 990. The rare parents with the strike that takes united fifteen points clear at the summit. For a few hours at least while the Rangers boss Harry Redknapp it's a championship -- -- different description that they've gone. We get -- a veteran ready and have relegation six pointer. Stadium and a surprisingly lopsided contest while Wiggins played plenty of room at -- was credited with a full of people to help them. I'm the last six doubled their advantage and that's half stoppage time when Joba as usual -- it. It out overnight and the Ivorian and his goal to make it to him right. It was they know they just bring -- into the second period when I don't Figueroa started and finished the -- that -- Friedel. Some holes where my -- free points. Struggling rivals manifestly win in seven was a short when -- were reduced to ten men with. But that still left to play. How about that read the act childish right -- -- that he is flushed right did -- on Figueroa. -- summed up a cold night Royals. What's wrong date something like that the whole ball but they did that dubious penalty award to help on that white. Great golf got punished for how bowl that would hit pretty harsh on the back. Here's fell behind Wimbledon that I'll be cool just found -- okay. On that -- would effectively wrap up the points went his consistent -- dividends. Eventually -- you know it's like just scrambled back half and charging bouncy and it was nice -- parents. -- Thought that it did but the goal back right so when James McKnight golf without -- there as far as it incessantly on this golf. It proved to be just a consolation is a funny spot but.

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