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Current Video:Recap: Man. City seals important victory to close gap|

Come see FOX Soccer News, as the crew takes a look at Man. City's performance against Chelsea


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- has fun watching fox soccer news last night. Now with the -- he had with the champions of England played host the champions of Europe both sides blown the chance to repeat this season but Chelsea were looking to remind city. That they were right on their heels in the race for second place. And that you have just one win in their last four firmly tilted Chelsea two losses in that draw that we all forgot about. Season because it was that easy to forget dropped fifteen minute city with a corner that was -- -- -- -- in -- that -- with the head of us. Peter check easily closes it out thirty ninth minute. Great passing niceties are few well placed it over the public never let that he fired the shot but Gary Cahill makes sure that you get to keep. 41 minute that keep coming Sergio world points a couple of defenders they get that over to Jack Rob -- who's gonna take full advantage of any job that's. That's when lute from way out but to no avail on the ensuing corner Silva fix that Rob -- for the header. Nice attempt but second sequel in the -- -- no goals in the first 45 minutes is you repeat an earlier in the season. 51 minute Chelsea on the attack when it's not a benefits for the long ball for example -- Joseph Hart comes out takes them down and concedes that penalty. -- points this box of Franklin park stepped up and you know he's always guaranteed. French lab part misses the opportunity to score his 200 goal for Chelsea park makes a great diving save city. Warned that deeper in the 63. One -- performance -- even them if that guy. Yes yes they do. City weren't done in the 85 minute Silva steps up on the seventh he -- the basket attack. And its champions pulled -- a female victory. Over big money itself on the seventh got seven goals and nine from the league meetings with the blues now -- target this he's only -- five of his last 35 penalty saved. In the primaries -- sitting on the only from a league club. He's missed two penalties against after the match about the Mangini very pleased but he felt that his -- can do better. That's not. We can bet that. But today it was importantly. Appreciate that we scored two laws we that sounds against Jets and we did you end up attendant. So it was a crucial moment the penalty. So we did intend to do well and we respect him into -- release it but the penalty could change everything school again. The penalty would say. After the school. It is up to this tournament has to take -- -- and seventy. But it can be pleased to joke he has had some I just Leyland before so I didn't. I think -- -- says the best defense he had one of the best annual. And I praise for the place at the benefit. It's a mixed bag coming up for itself look at this they got 40 in the fifth round of the FA cup. Then there on the west -- before flying out to Romania back in London. Pressure from the cottage and then home. To sell -- for the return leg. And let's go for the guys called the game today's game Gus Johnson seriously that's. Gus Johnson and -- Dixon from the -- out here in Manchester. Where Manchester City has defeated Chelsea two nil huge victory for Roberta meant Cheney's. Our side as they continue to try to hunt down sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United. Yeah very much sun I deserve victories while offering cash. They sit through a dominant certainly in the first off great to get back to chances. And all of a sudden Chelsea get a penalty in the game -- had been. Brian -- -- looking for that elusive too and just go for Chelsea. Great say from Joseph all England teammates was he watching him in training. I think you might have been and a great site down the -- and Carlo Torre clearing double the end I think coats or it was fantastic in this in the second half keep your Maris. Quiet on a breakaway and then fifty settings like three brother keep in the family those of the other and cozy inside gets a good choice to the -- Colonna. And six TDs be bleeding and then obviously towards the end of the game they pressed on the advances are fabulous golf and have us. He came on and -- sprightly -- vote really shop. And cost Chelsea -- problems by the big disappoints me Chelsea overall I think city deserves to win the game when it's in there was probably the right result. And I go ahead now and then chasing not twelve point lead the united have got over -- become a catcher on the roster show -- gonna do it this year able but it won't -- Aren't the final score two nil Manchester City defeats Chelsea for Lee Dixon on Gus Johnson sitting so long for Manchester. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM eastern and Pacific.

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