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Current Video:Exclusive: CONCACAF makes major announcement|

FOX Soccer's, Eric Wynalda, sits down CONCACAF President, Jeffrey Webb and General Secretary, Enrique Sanz.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- by not watching fox soccer news last night. Exciting times for soccer fans in north America's the gold cup. Will be held at the United States this summer but there could be another tournament in the works involving both north and South America our own -- when all the caught up with CONCACAF president Jeffrey web. And general secretary Enrique -- to talk about that possibility and more. -- we are now joined by two very special guest the president of CONCACAF. -- Webb and of course the general secretary. Enrique says we have some big announcements to make we're gonna talk a little bit about gold cup but we have returned. Two very special place when it comes to the goal and that is the Rose Bowl -- -- about. Are tremendous where we are excited to be back tomorrow Sunday is. The Rose bowl of course that's very historic. So historic venue for for football than and and the cost effective -- and we're looking forward who were tremendous on the kickoff or furcal compliment thirteen. And it will be Mexico who kicks it off is that correct exactly Mexico as the defending champion will pick the gold cup off in Pasadena the ball. And hopefully have a good -- there supporting to start so thirteen cities. But let's get to logic behind that both process it's spreading the game it's it's taken the game to the funds. And we -- -- -- there of the base and an enormously. 4:4 o'clock o'clock it's about growth tomorrow Grossman and all of us an opportunity to crucial plays so great run before. We all over the country. As as you can see another course before it. Our -- -- Gilani has said last week that CONCACAF is considering and having the winners of the 2013. In the 2015. Gold -- can't have a playoff to determine. Who -- thought he kept the 2017. Federations cup now what's the likelihood. Attitude and it's very possible. Decision gold cup committee as well as I was at analyze it. And then made a recommendation from the executive committee and executive committee will be. Reviewing and also them and them short -- -- -- as well as a new model. The possibility of hosting the -- for 2016 -- Copa America. With ten of comparable teams and six teams are represented -- CONCACAF the US is largely convincing fifa. If this is -- we can actually pull this off because obviously we have to ask permission against. On the schedule and how far away are we from actually making this happen to be getting any him. In turmoil. Four under for the some good conversations going on with. -- -- fortune callable. And also what he found that. They'd give departure from -- for a long time. It's a little four feet and funk or couples who finalized you can see if it's worth. For the corporation for people to have it with -- it's a good thing you could be a great tournament who do. Almost like a mini world we'll run for the team that you have their. And for the fans back in the US will be awesome but let -- ask some tough questions you know obviously you know when do we expect to report on -- and probably hated by CONCACAF. To be released because it's been out there. -- the information yet communities where we should we expect them to come. When you know -- Allegations I have -- But. Definitely we have we've created. -- -- -- -- -- because integrity and his received a Monday two to report about -- -- just -- opinion by April. And then we will make that report available also to make a presentation in Panama City. Who that a congress of a -- in nineteen so. So for us it's our own -- given under there there there are opportunities we've created a process. We've created the oversight and and we hope of course. That there will be able to compete -- -- awesome I'm in my. We talk about match fixing that -- commences a lot to learn but you think it exists right now in our region we don't really have an indication that's going on in the region we're monitoring different games. Through with a system that we have who worked with before with Interpol would have meant to -- Just to make sure that nothing has happened in the region essentially would do what champions do. And we're both of an awful on the twenty under seventy tournament -- monitoring everything to make sure -- preventing for half. And if it happens that we can react quick. Time to -- secretary president thank you very much for your time today I am not impressed that I feel that we're in good hands. I think we are. Join us for fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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