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Current Video:Preview: Wednesday's UEFA Champions League Round of 16|

FOX Soccer News, Danny Dichio, previews Wednesday's UEFA Champions League matches


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss by not watching fox soccer news last night. They're saying. Only goes to their. Busload I've been able to do this. -- -- Well of last year's champions league quarterfinals is AC Milan falling to Barcelona they like that tie so much they gonna do it again this here's a breakdown. Wednesday's champions league fixtures with Danny particulates talk about that one AC Milan had a rough go to start the -- yes season -- come around a lot since then it's a different team lost yet. You're right and this is just wholly different seem then that does seem that starts every -- so badly and I like I'm a big Milan fan. Accordingly relegate that -- thing I know they go for champs me again. And credits will be given to you know -- -- agree in that what he's done with this team always really inspired his team. So it must be given to him every though as he's guided his team to first place now he's got -- -- famous gratefully. -- -- -- -- have to rely on the deadly duo Tutsi and Ashrawi construction of a little bit of a knee injury at the moment so we hope he's fit. It's going to be interesting to see element recess -- -- seeing -- myself Tex because they tried to go toe to toe with the -- so they could end up getting that principle then you know and anyway let's hope not I would at that point could get a little bit -- -- and Charlie and I spent championships what they they pull their pants down tradition so it's not always of that thing -- Jimmie has been always have a hopeless in a William went. Barcelona. Is it anyway they might lose focus that and win the league again. The -- a withering match against Real -- and pretty soon as well but it's so easy every week that they possibly lose focus -- mutual met complacency hit. I didn't say they would I was thinking about it for a I don't think the way it exists that Barcelona complacency. These are seeing a fully. Strong well oiled machine that goal to win every game from -- to win every game the way they play as a team and which -- with such individual talent that they have. Their offense that's the kind of temperament that they have to win games. Or so we've been in over a month by the side everything is battling against cancer this moment I'm so great credit to this team they're wonderful team to watch you know. And there's an old saying as well that every empire will fool but no way compiled mostly forever. For me. This empire state and to -- and they are going to be the basic get stronger and stronger this foundations that and he broke Mets moments and they keep you can play is up now and again that just. At this club and it's mind boggling how they still do it that's crazy got -- are playing schalken and maybe no other team. Made the moves the impact moves -- Galatasaray did over the January transfer window and a credit to again to these guys because I don't know what they pulled the money out province Turkey but they made a couple of its -- buys and they got the best business over the Tressel when the in my opinion. To pick up the likes of -- up. And Drogba. For the money there on to add to them and they're eligible for the champions league games to push for the for the strongest finish from a Turkish club that's really really good friends of -- and -- my. A champions league winner so -- Playing in front of these fantastic fans than Elvis fans in the world they've just been -- that they're the best fans in the world as well so it's going to be a great atmosphere tomorrow on for fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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