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Find out if Arsenal could produce a favorable home result at the Emirates against Bayern Munich.


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If I think to play pool in London it's the first leg a pulse usaid. And if he thought that kids first knockout round -- It's inside. That was not. Vick did some badly out. -- -- -- -- An away goal and they made. Then what then I'd say that's what I thought. -- -- -- -- Nate the first these school the second and finding controlled but let's not. Is -- and through picks. And not just that they thought into the quarterfinals. Lots -- jobs. Is there and it is why it's still citadel. And didn't get there of the fills it's holes. It's called a phone. Calls and haven't -- vote. Good -- days. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's not since coming off. On behalf of break into the big flies. Won't go that -- to -- and he struck it perfectly. Mom what it meant they can't and it's good. As Buffy felt but it -- yet but don't want. Accurate that is so expensive tickets and -- and give them credit obstacle. One foot in the quarterfinals led one there. Really well.

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