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Current Video:Arsene Wenger slams reporters at press conference|

Come see FOX Soccer News as Arsene Wenger is frustrated at constant criticism


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- what you -- if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night but it's been a rough few days Ross most Austin Mbenga. This team crashing out of the FA cup to the league opponents as this then it's just been debated -- -- in the media non stop. And it went easier on Tuesday off they'll take on ball in Munich in the champions league. And a Monday's pre match media conference the signs of distress of -- well obviously all deceit. Awesome going to says he's not feeling under pressure but he's demeanor to -- match news conference suggested otherwise. Religion on reports she was about to be offered a contract extension. I think that work for sixteen years. She in new England and I do so repeat mole cricket and only true -- but to have only one intention is to hum. And a if you include -- nation who -- from the way and a it's all right but to be he's a wrong information comes from nowhere and he's competing well. Vendor that men don't get -- clashing with one reporter after another so you guys who could do it not because you give information I don't know if you you. I don't nobody information comes from. Yeah why do you look at me extra press conferences so okay open to adjust for what you do it given this information golf yeah Q what do you think too much. Possibly. The front is very upset and coming out of the cup. At the weekend until he is a pretty much contracts for a chance to speak if you want to talk on set today the press conference has been admitted after the game. Yeah I mean it has not only good -- to those are good. Defense can you tell us about the quality of the defense combined Munich. Especially I don't know about don't talk about by only to continue to I could around much so much cushion -- it's a long time to denounce it. Hit it can need to to the fans about you desire to bring trophies back to this club who had been accused of not taking series do you -- figure out. And so today. I want full time you figure out who is one more give -- London there's a lot of experts who are not necessarily. Always rise. The point Mbenga was trying to make perhaps it was picks we have his way to put things into post picked even when you -- and I shall keep the opinions about things shift on -- -- to read the and not superstitious and because one guy says something everybody goes the same way. Finger also defended these players from the criticism they face in there I think capitals to Blackburn I trust so court T -- was -- And that trust element to shrinks. Salutes you tomorrow and that really seemed to finally produce a smile. It's funny that was and company so at least -- does that get off tremendous time. I don't know over his first eight seasons and the team to seven trophies with a winning percentage of the moment when. 5% kind of up over his last eight seasons and she wants it done is I've yet to win and still wet and the winning percentage has dipped to fifty point point point -- however. Poignant ex manager stood up for the off the ball went off the bounce off of lack of success. Mantras that it remind you got to take into consideration the Arsenal actually competing with teams like Chelsea -- he's the united matches this season. And lawyers say is that he is -- summing that best players but where is that these are the teams -- get through these -- -- -- how -- does. He have to compete at that. I think if your defense played us and thanks -- advance. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM eastern and Pacific.

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