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Current Video:Wenger angered by contract extension rumors|

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger vents his frustration at the rumors surrounding his position as well as the criticism of his team's performance in the FA Cup defeat to Blackburn Rovers.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Awesome Mbenga has reacted angrily to a newspaper report they'll be offered a two year contract extension. By -- speaking ahead of tomorrow's Japanese leagues I would buy a new day. -- adamant today that is no truth in that report and that it was designed to damage his club. Not so wrong information the end of the Bears weren't yeah would try to -- work for sixteen years. She indignant and I -- so would -- more cricket than a neutral nations but the only one intention is to hum. And a defeats including commission who -- on the way to. It's all right but to be usable information comes from nowhere and he's compete to. But also. You guys who could do it not because you give -- information I don't know if -- you I don't know -- information comes from. Then yeah why do you look at me that you press conferences so they're all trying to adjust for what you do it given this information golf yeah sure what was given too much. This is why -- goes under pressure right now. In his first three seasons -- only 17 major trophies including the Premier League and FA cup double twice. In the last eight seasons. He's one none. -- as what percentage is also a bit from just under 60%. To just over our 55%. It's been a different sort of the players who have left Arsenal since their last trophy the FA cup in 2005. Actually coach JR Reed -- should get -- -- fabric -- are just some of the players who get on to great success between them the pressure of -- I've claimed it 64 major on -- But for Arsenal the week goes on. Is it is not your last Jones to win a -- this season can -- -- -- -- very much felt like Christians it's a long time redeemed on it. Can you talk to the fans about you desire to bring -- his back to this club who have been accused of not taking used to give you think Kyle. Until today. I want full time -- a -- who has -- -- more can anyone name. I thought it keeps you don't take ultra there's themselves can you then know the second seeing these who really. Have been accused of not putting a strong team out. I think that's an insult to replace started the game because he didn't -- to -- from both players on the pitch. So and I would like to change it to you as well and but Pete lost a game we didn't lose the game is -- stopped it. We lost a game and Austin twenty minutes. So there's a long off -- superficial and the niceties but but you cannot except the except that after you have to take the blame because he went out. But for the rest. You have is worth to put things into perspective and when you -- and I so people opinions about things shift on and I should read the and not so proficient and because one guy say is something everybody goes the same way. And it -- -- -- they have the same questions say you'll desire to get to that term is the trade. Final to lift a tricky Arsenal is there is an awesome the fans Nomar and I want to who he -- -- -- want to lose again tomorrow so would continue order you can or you have to let me know when what's are we going here and you know. Which is important to forget what people say and focused knows franks is a good. -- trust of the book club in his last six into the champions league. We have court -- and all -- a -- time we know what is your phone's not what you could say what people do some book pitch. And what people say even a democracy of experts and the opinions but. We have to -- it was a ten to cope with Stockton and does show that we have -- mental -- to DBs and your opinion. And there's a lot of experts who are not necessarily. Always rise.

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