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Come see Man. City's FA Cup victory on FOX Soccer News.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. It's been a long season for the English champions to the point where hey we sit in every seventh save and his only one trophy that realistically man city can win. If fake cup -- thought it was a strong eleven everybody mentioning -- Sunday against -- and considering the -- a club off it's totally lost round. It was the Smart choice. All right pleased to close meeting for the sixth time in the history of the FA not the story in the fifth minute and a great great. Team go one man city got up slowly. Plays that once they would -- tennis to end it stories woes. One mil man city that's what you get when you have twenty million pounds with talent fourteenth and whoever -- running at home ladies who pulls and back. Mark evidence says that is a penalty suck up to the sport stamps but we're and it where have. Makes -- mistake to -- Man city in control but he didn't stop the -- fans enjoy themselves one section doing the -- then. And then -- that it -- -- if you -- menus. August assists and you probably yeah I imagine so a lot of fun a lot of fun until hopefully the bench. For Acosta and tell them on. That bullpen to them on denies -- performance in -- city. At thoughts on 52 and where I could give and go with -- Silva. -- courses suit Carlos Sanchez whose bat spawning games this -- and he's happy. -- -- -- But besides that you follow Silva right vocal on the date and where I was in fine form these -- going to second on the next city. They take this one. Fallen -- that's more like it's best that he reached the quarterfinals of the FA cup the third straight season but it meant saving. We needed this win spoke about how seriously he end -- as significant a. I -- the hand that's good because there. Was important to win tough there's a tempo and you know I think kept -- the difficult. I sent us an actual these yesterday because -- that he came in FA cup -- into the -- these two don't that it was approached. I think that the -- that can play seniors and take out. Maybe maybe it got me -- something plainly that the -- But yes must have forgot I think that told the -- play serious because. You play different. Every so it is for these games you've played the final name. Well I mean we've 85000. People. I think the disease will. Join us for fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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