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Would Manchester City be able to make amends for its 3-1 Premier League defeat to Southampton by seeing off Leeds in the FA Cup? Find out here.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's. Little. He didn't make kind of Sharks this season. Would there be another well yeah. Nice to cities and he had stated winners a season before last the defending champions in the country's Premier League. He knows the Cubs -- right. Dude we -- policy the playground incident Reggie Brown trying to go to clubs will again. It's just stay VIL series first time things because you don't feel. When they can find their way through -- -- accidentally Britt did the free throws possibly get from. -- -- -- It's. Today -- You -- -- me into going to go -- here. -- -- The second trip on the same wave like we sort of close close in this blog -- -- -- that they can mix up big guy. We're going to be behind so it is beautifully and you know to return -- here. -- had other ideas maybe what. Six penalty minutes it's a lovely Blue Devils saw it through where I want to screw it up at least so let's go down the outside. It was -- to be -- to pick comes beyond. -- look to get elected children like. They'll play. Oh. The tendency it's. Taken Nextel. Enjoy their last two. It's okay. Speed and it's a better recoveries. -- -- -- When it. He goes crisis. It's Nebraska. It's cold and everything and it yourself these things plated two BC ten TX doesn't we'll just get -- so it. Contest via email Sarah sets up nicely scoring. This -- very close to half time it's difficult. -- It's. It's. Run around it's -- to -- is that you starting to get back into the guy. You factor is that the way to do that to a decent people could see that. Around the world. To the second half. Okay. Yeah my sixty -- Articulate and okay. Right. It's just being able to it was a when he wanted to leave -- we go people around us. You can write we'll -- get -- few years to come out now. We'll -- the back into the books the tickets we -- standards of partnership today. You'll see -- Okay. Well since it's not in my country as well. Okay. -- -- This point Helio so it was good Sixers forward. It -- well. It's very quickly -- is headed. Regardless of the youth movement has played two of its decency we club. OK okay. -- this particular. The city's second and went to graduate students -- -- postseason and it makes him easy. Yeah Silva. It's where it stands yeah. You know -- specific. Right team right now.

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