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Current Video:Chelsea v Brentford FA Cup Highlights 02/17/13|

Catch all the highlights from Saturday's FA Cup fourth round replay between Chelsea and Brentford at Stamford Bridge.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Reflex that could be jealous and then the -- this replacement did pretty good. After missing two service meetings and sit on the back with a -- here. Crossing. Chelsea which saw the go to the -- to get back in. Most of the most -- you know. It's clearly not paid little and it's close to me from Boston was deflected minus system is a with the difficulty to take the -- them. Chelsea potentially good candidates it was good to look. The Yankees. Probably -- -- to the Saints -- car pulled up and it's not going to be home and thought -- -- in. -- just Jewish -- he won't. The diversity. I miss. The. Best opportunity. And just accept you. So I continue to pollute the date in the slightest until Boston fantastic defense. It's it's. Son team. The decision -- boxes and went to solid. Here's a look at the play again and they -- that's -- Pitt loses then. It's. -- but just watching you guys pursue. The bullets at night. The first. The right place for it to fulfill it. -- -- Did you change those will be sick if he wanted to talk. It's. Just. Bill James Jones. The -- it's -- people. This morning. Chelsea could have been coming here. Blue -- here. Move. -- it's absolutely no chance and not with the good. It's. I. Nice place to pass the fateful night hospital. It didn't just -- so does -- speak to people like this once again the ones who live in the same holes to see. Just putt you can -- the field. What business is. Chelsea. We'll speak tonight I don't know. Justin yeah. Three. Ten to six. Stay here. Need to -- -- sound so good. It's the phone to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's the fun. The -- school.

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