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Current Video:Oldham v Everton FA Cup Highlights 02/16/13|

Would Oldham be able to knock off Everton in the FA Cup fifth round? Catch all the action only on FOX Soccer.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's round tie at boundary called hope that we put up in the. Liverpool in the fourth round taking on -- and. Who wants a brilliant start for golden they -- the they pressure just sit back stimulus. Paul Malone apparently for -- This time strides from older. Drove does -- -- hold up close but didn't -- way this the face of a pizza. -- Presence of mind to keep calm at the beginning -- in this beautiful go great way to start time. The -- It's not so much of the first -- decision to come -- -- -- They're responsible for this week. -- -- Seventh. Is the most ever in the -- We need to think it's -- beyond. He's shown this season the two big surprises just. Poston who's on this. Lot of goals this season. We'll belay you which took the ball out of. Yeah makes. Just know the kids that got us. It was too easy driven to get through the center and -- -- the fact that all of Chelsea's two take his game out of the crossed the goal of early in the second. I'm not. He's on his -- to -- -- position. -- conceived and look. They manhandled. -- From -- and it's moving in the second half an exchange -- -- And second how often does he can Sosa. Compounding Lee got the lead the team. Almost been unable to get telling final touch. He's that he's ahead that Johnson's and it didn't take the husband doesn't get it. Amazing society doesn't duck tape. I'm so close. It's been this good. Is 10% night. Simpson sitting. It's not the team -- through the -- is never going to be this easy lights. It's good to in the sweet to win over the. In the previous round. -- so while it's. Good pressure from the hotel if he comes across. Make sure yet -- doesn't get settled doesn't get balanced. Around the design this. Increasingly desperate attempts to. Got an equalizing goal. Think it is not project yeah this is another and put them -- -- tested Tim Howard. -- -- Don't close it. Since it. Didn't. You know people. Great time to. Right across the chest and it's -- Was ready to play. Balloons last attend the answer was -- pulled the final minute to stop the stock incentives that don't -- Ten minutes and you. He was being invaded their on the line and he's got a case that. Goes the big six that six strikeout. He's above everybody else and just how was this of told him. It's no Kobe gets -- replay at Madison.

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