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Would Blackburn be able to see off Arsenal in Saturday's FA Cup fifth round matchup?


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And make up ground. It's a good. Think ten time winners has been good good good is the sixth time in his community this is championship. It was lost in. -- -- -- Happy be healthy we'll see -- life Tedy do they get. It was one sided but they won't let him take -- you know athletic. It's pretty cool as a free kicks. Straight after the towns live. I. -- At this point. -- He didn't want to look. It's it was a -- It's. Like back in the day. And again. Good -- that was the moment. Some -- the -- enough he did. Struck quickly Oklahoma just gets -- instances like. It's a little bit more. Little bit whole focus going full of black and in the second. We'll lose some pollutants it's just been in the first thought it was Dixon on the slowly since it's. Still. Okay. This -- lost that little golf resume we'll -- waiting for Waltz a fumbled. And it's and it changed the game -- awesome statement bizarrely enough cynical today it's straight up the other then what good. It's -- make peek out from day. Right signal to -- and it's just gonna finish it doesn't look at his. It's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Neither of -- know what it is great for the for the AM. -- thought that ten game. This is beyond me. We wanted Jake being. Today today. -- -- I. It's good -- very tonight. Today. List place. Right to see the -- it's. Cool that we're concerned. That's a good. It's. Legal.

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