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Current Video:Rogers announces he's gay, steps away from soccer|

FOX Soccer News brings you the latest news on U.S. Soccer player Robbie Rogers' announcement to come out and step away from the beautiful game.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- what you meant by not watching fox soccer news last night how much has been made over the last few seasons about soccer's battle with racism but rarely do we talk about the games battle with homophobia. Robbie Rogers joined a very small group of professional athletes on Friday as a point five year old US international announce he's gay and and would be stepping away from the game. Rogers made the announcement. On his blog on Friday -- secrets because so much internal damage people love to preached about honesty. How honest he's still playing simple try explaining to your loved ones at -- point five years like game. There are currently no openly gay players in the league soccer or in England the bonds was playing sixty minutes this past season. Just I'm fortunate I think that. He's announced that Agassi retired because this is you know this also adjustment passionate. This is a real -- time and it probably takes up you know the first -- to -- a big enough and strong and typical mile. -- elite units Syria even it's towards the end of his career. Because otherwise it's they so it gonna be difficult are about. The best best and we Lara so glad it was there -- I'm not a best bet you know -- didn't feel comfortable. A little bit about the environment. To be able to come out felt it would start that period because they've date. That they had taught -- to about what that you would still got to work very hard to make sure that that is the -- That would provide a safe on -- but. Byrd all top players irrespective of that sexual orientation. Color green -- go -- sexual orientation. You know it's about. Civilized but this you know the well this -- stop we've got to make sure the ball well lose with that. Here's a look at rods in his career he made a 106 appearances from 2007. That's 111 with the Columbus Crew scored thirteen goals in the process he also made eighteen. Appearances -- the US men's national team scored a couple of goals than most recently was playing with leads -- on -- at -- it doesn't mention. Meanwhile some notable American players took to Twitter and their support of bloggers who -- all the road. Much love and respect to my boy at Robbie Rogers. Try to be your friend brought. Very subdued chimed in with try to avoid that a lot of courage and we all support you -- you grow and -- you go on the pitch. -- -- that question wrote 100% love and support from my 41 of my best friend Robbie Rogers will be missed on the pitching amazing talent. Amazing person doing mr. fox soccer news. Every night at 10 PM eastern and Pacific.

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