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Arsenal's Arsene Wenger says the club almost signed both Gareth Bale and Theo Walcott.


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You try your tell you the greatest the number of greatness we did not signed in addition to -- you'd be amazed. But it's the same for every single -- moments and -- coaches. Its own decision. Maybe taking the -- -- we did -- And I'm very happy but people won't quit. -- It's widely accepted that Messi and another the best team players in the world of the moment is gonna -- the best of the rest of this moment in time. When it's. School is fun is about yes the potential. To give her open to be coma. Of course. The -- is that as you compound. Seemed to -- to. We're not a dual mission. Initiatives. Will move to a true champions league who have few championships fiscal 95 goat for U. And it's not going to creep. -- is very creepy about. It's still don't -- to compete.

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