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Current Video:De Gea shines against Real Madrid|

FOX Soccer's Gus Johnson and Warren Barton break down Wednesday's Real Madrid vs. Manchester United Champions League match.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Gus Johnson and Gordon Barton here at the -- a video in Madrid Spain where Manchester United. And a Real Madrid fight to a 11 draw and we saw some very solid play from both sides on the pitch. This evening none better though. -- yeah Manchester United goalkeeper David did hey you know. What is quite magnificent yeah there's 12 shaky moments when policies that he's handling was shown its hands that well which it had as well. But the funny moment he's had a lot of criticism since he's come to all the traffic. Greg Johnson and that's it caught a lot of people to go forward for -- this -- his best performance from Manchester United. Meanwhile poor sir Alex Ferguson a -- cool he leaves with the draw march 5 he'll be back an Old Trafford this has to be up. Very positive sign for his team as they try to maybe would have trouble this year. Yes I think when you look at the opportunities around the -- had the -- -- there had to be delighted if white goes by so he will be conscious thought I would get away from -- school dogs. But again you look to these lineups on the positive side courageous and hung on in -- plus a determination. And a magnificent performance -- Real Madrid and Manchester United. Danny -- back scoring. Full of Manchester United this evening. Cristiano Ronaldo school record ran out Madrid so through the garden Gus Johnson 11 on the final school are. And we will say so long from Vicente goggle -- debut here in Madrid.

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