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Find out what happened in the first chapter of the Real Madrid vs. Manchester United Champions League saga.


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The first leg of -- -- -- street tonight it's who have Madrid CF against not just united FC. -- think it's. It's you know it sees. It looks now. It's a close. We -- -- neighborhoods not -- this something you dogs. What is still. Yeah well I can't. So I can strike guys. -- fed up one million like it. Yeah there's an. We'll bounce. Back -- and I got to know those things up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it. It fits if they're out. That was close. Wonderful control and skill to set up the jobs. He used to full full. This -- here. And that's ever again. He's -- humorous excellence -- this evening. Not perhaps the best. The break that fantasy looks at shots. Anything at the ball. Think they're good at -- The hot that is it was a good thoughts. Ruth -- it's not that the -- Yeah. It's not the case and a bunch of seconds. And it's not that makes itself and it the second -- it finishes 11. In spank.

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