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Check out what Manchester United forward Robin van Persie had to say before he took the field against Real Madrid.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

His old club Arsenal. There and she appears league action next week. But RBP strike great with his new side Manchester United. But the red doubles on the short list of favorite to win at all in that. You know it's not something bad about them because us was physically felt. And no one is bigger than than the club. I say you toast his ability to bomb so that you see that thing he didn't challenge. And from the turns than assists tonight. Think you know starts with having fun game. And they want as one. Mean that's feeling that I was also welcome you know and that the we're really happy. For me being and Arnold did this and we'll be helpful or settled -- quite well but after two weeks out of the house. The school for the case was over that's quite soon as well which is a big plus. I think every day just tells me that I made the right move. Sir -- it'd just -- we'll really see if -- the right time the right moment. Let's look. I don't feel that I do feel that this is exactly the right time. Being.

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