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Current Video:UEFA Champions League: Round 16 Preview|

Check out FOX Soccer News very own, Bobby McMahon, as he breaks down this week's UEFA Champions League Round 16 matches.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Well the champions league is back so let's break down the midweek action without men and what effect but -- Body will start things off with -- not just because you're on the program because Celtics big win over Barcelona obviously was massive relief to have their hands full event to so what do you make of this -- -- for them at some -- I -- I think possible -- upon Kate. Which in the fourth place to begin bunch of Celtic game spot vacated when the green -- in being used was but many many years Celtic finds very provision if you had a stitch and some of the success of -- I -- -- -- -- assembly. -- people's self and teach yourself he's -- just go there thinking what they have combined with that. From hot to draw the fight to the chances you had to reinvent itself -- nothing really about pressure on them. Draw isn't going to be in the Celtics that we fought deep in the hole. I think they've been in question -- of big importance is being that the stolen don't think to be trusted that we fumbled so. Little pressure on the get a win but this one -- the clock miscue at seven when they beat teams come -- often -- in the champions league tomorrow. Eldred and PS -- -- money that has been spent there is really a lot more are. Then a winning league -- -- He had to say when you spend a matter of money that Tedy did -- and a shovel ready and contain dismay in probably still walk. It's -- -- bridges when the strangely Big Ten trying to me that he's into when they beat teams in -- Whether Hopkins a novel we perceive -- that you look at the performance of what is the criticism -- to use it I don't want my team even -- -- -- -- dominant not that we can occasionally one when we don't when you're looking scored 21 gold medal. Next will be fine if you look at the spectacle sort of and who played in the day and jumping we get what we'll even know what what were falling for him beautifully and as beautifully played. And so he would keep golf against the -- -- -- we -- -- big big games this. -- when the hardest ones to play. Church music comes first but in all looking forward to Wednesday -- -- that around the -- CR seven against his former side but I'm wondering which -- Madrid side -- we gonna see. While -- I think if you define a new door you know we can for this game you go all the polls this is set. He's got so many great things going on so many he'd say bus that this is well. Very Real Madrid at that don't know. Some of the club that football than we did this year. Then the could be in trouble but this is I think what he knew he had exams of their go to the -- contention brilliantly this is all of its shopping -- And so what division with him hitting your rescue teams and so. -- Real Madrid she'd get to know him by my campaign this trend will be up terrible -- real good feel good charitable pool for a living doing well so. Think putting your really this is the one. You've got to get this that they get -- -- it tonight forcible. But it's all of -- win the champions league and -- on lane for juiced him but he knew -- would join us for fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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