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Current Video:West Brom comes away with victory over Liverpool|

Come see FOX Soocer News as West Brom went into Anfield and came away with the three-points.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- has but watching fox soccer news last night wrapping up. On Monday with a -- -- and anfield Liverpool welcome west -- to -- side and the reds. As well as well publicized yet to beat any team in the top half of the table this season but the -- east. There are battered and bruised bunch having lost five or six games plus Brendan Rodgers was feeling so confident he didn't feel the need to wrist and storage. Would -- surged up the lineup. Backfiring well after losing the first nine from the games against the reds that's going to single goal was from and once we the last four. And cool though he won three straight at anfield once for a minute near Stewart -- from the corner that -- with a free header missed it over the bar by Ben Foster. Scoreless at halftime I watched was nothing but football is failed to pass at a plus these games. 52 minute Glen Johnson a little cross Jordan Henderson flicks dot net -- -- was there to make the stop. 68 minute substitute that -- rainy these seats are on target Foster makes a diving save. Comes across the -- everything. 71 minute -- down unleash that powerful strikes Hossa makes a fantastic reaction save. That's in many people who -- able to react as quickly as he did brilliant stuff in the bag he's. Kiefer 76 minute there was Olson called for fouls in the area and Luis Suarez who once again and as we -- right. The referee doesn't hesitate to point to the spot -- there on the field and scoring but Foster I guess is the right way to deny a little bit of karma than. As a team controversial. In its beginnings 81 minute was -- attacking with a corner careful calling his -- -- is off the barn and and just like that is one -- for the Aggies. The reds are absolutely stunned. The injury time. Get a little worse for Liverpool James Morrison feeds from Ellicott who and he makes no mistake given the opportunity he's gonna score superstar. He's at Chelsea now what's -- -- it two -- Final scores shocker as Liverpool still yet to beat any team in the top half. From the from the week. West Romney won for the last five league games now vs Liverpool after winning only one of the previous 32 and Rodgers had this to say after the loss for. For the players give everything into the game -- of Atlanta games where. Total shots attempts to go we just couldn't make that breakthrough and obviously the longer. It goes on man. Because the opponent know we've got more encouragement so. But come full of players for the if reverend tonight and this is says I'm just won them games where we need -- for school. Come VF and flail at the pro team -- probably -- as well as the played all season. And together I came the result and not live performance from the puzzle absolutely delighted for the closed the -- The puts so much effort and deadly game the play happened to get out of what tonight is is really grateful that. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM eastern and Pacific.

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