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See everything you missed from this weekend's Premier League action.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah. Brown 26 of the Barclays regularly kicked off -- one offline it went -- of them got the better you can also. The games opening goal came off to just five minutes as our Iowa -- cleverly placed free kick -- that this Harry died in April. But you've also it was leveled midway through the fast enough witnesses so local lacrosse background on the front. He's shown on the front than they are heavy deflection of a Michael Wilson though it was good run he was credited with the goal it's bus into college. However it wasn't enough to work that they share of the spoils in North London has -- them claim victory with a second reviled twelve minutes from time. But typically clinical finish of the Welsh winner for the fifty for the I'm not at a much display as -- as -- Though Chelsea simply -- them -- -- -- with a whole lot of questions to way to fight through the night. To wait for the right -- went three minutes on the clock -- -- -- Haaretz that Ramirez on the presented to these jobs available spots. Inevitable frustration to followed over all the birdies and eventually doubled their fault it's just good old -- They -- hospital quite that created the opportunities but he did that the night to help you lift that suspension. That wouldn't -- back in the -- second life just went ahead and check went walkabout and how shall Maloney to reduce the deficit for the struggling tactics. Normal service has risen out in the closing stages as tough not to eat up front on thought. The stole his bag instead. -- I'm Chelsea wrapped up -- point -- awful in stoppage time. Off I don't have the power -- -- the -- dish off to the profit off of marriage and the Germans go hits plus for the club facing the Prussia -- -- rapidly that it's. All right Jim Phillips drove on that power wrote -- we'll -- for the want of trying though. And every that he isn't the junk that TO went closest for the hosts but it's no wins it right now the 68. But the big won't have that much Mets it was just three wins in seven. Next Johnson might the second period when Steven Sidwell and it was a sight but pop up to finished college they'll put him. -- revival thanks to a shot or home with the that it spoke. -- -- -- -- -- -- our tour live up when the Atlanta hosts as well but they're headed in the corner. It was -- -- nine minutes from time. I'll be covered drones were able to behind. Redding did an -- back 100 mile area that -- at -- -- that -- that there are at Madison. Hitting game but caught up but it was too good tonight for the Royals who are -- deep deep trouble. I'll still think that softball bugs alive with a possible victory at the ability. One goal proved decisive for the ride just off the ball now that's something we'll look up like that. Good things to the time the west on -- ten minutes went called Jenkins and Lyle and stayed on Steve incessant young. That meant a second yellow -- for the gunners fullback how to read brandish my rent free Anthony Taylor. Pretend that we're indebted -- that can play lights off both of those we'll check Chesney saved. Brilliantly from state like just. To bring that -- precious free points. You can also bottle and it's what dealt with -- -- blow off the -- wealthy that's what they. It took them outside just by hitting the -- front. Rios is off bio the whole -- guys step up and there was Vijay and his goal drought at vested seventh spot in. It was to Hilton -- and it's like -- what -- -- that's -- Spanish contingent golf on the still shape this time in the act now groundout and the second attempt. All balls hard right now we're. The -- at half time of one of those kind of games that impact. But we'll have more reacted to kill wolves fell to make it two while. Any hope of a comeback was dispelled it a matter of seconds as it. Though Hernandez closed his way through this at the shop cost and -- Rangers miserable afternoon got was when AJ story is second in the afternoon. To make the finals gold ball while in the -- beyond that into the books in the title. Some night life guy so I'm just thinking -- -- elite champions of all -- at. Ended by self confidence. The sites were rampant that deservedly and from inside seven minutes as Jason -- just reacted quickest let loose ball to find the home side ahead. City were imploding and all four hour from Joseph all that out Stephen Davis to make it. It turned out. The visitors looked to have a lifeline when a swift counterattack and it would have -- up and let's just crossed. They fumbled it right at the Jets coach. The Southampton still a memorable victory with a bad goal on the break of what you've -- has -- our back right inexplicably tossed the ball -- -- -- it. It's a bust winning charge that you -- possibly -- off to -- but a real nice to misery for a bad that 98 and he's titled event shortly over. Brown twenty. -- offers something west cost of that I -- that survival hopes on my sit there with a victory over west half. A frustrating seven people that it that collapsed it will solve that they'll be without the ball fly ball double fault. About points this -- It's been good defense that night to distract the penalty that. That's a good at -- when I get wet and don't get help and a delightful free kick. But the home crowd violence flexing in the closing stages with a -- Westwood can effectively heading into -- okay. But then got pummeled declined to -- -- out of the -- so. So basically it was just and I -- likes to walk out of the championship. Victory and -- and takes the red Devils twelve point where the -- But it -- streets and on that light as wind it's continued he's -- scoring in every perennially seasons since 1992 inception. That's 21 consecutive him Titans. Twelve of those that he would win as many in nineteen. Think victory with a second for -- about six with the dutchman strolling around it talented -- is ninety that they season. And CNN to -- drive and brown went. Because of Bob Knight I just went -- to -- -- geographic trip into the poll but hosted dominate it would give and go undefeated. It's Lawrence -- the -- question from your results. Council it. Site -- and all the stuff performances like that which is that second attempt that Westbrook scored his first -- -- was -- -- bumping it up and down holding. And it's stoppage time approach them back he's still a bus waited seven went for a blanket -- you probably wouldn't object to making its -- -- -- His tenth of the season leaves little -- hopes of a hopeful that he's looking for Steve -- That's west -- completed a bus domino that -- since 1960 -- That is now the -- that's up around 26 of -- if you are now seven points from. From -- they wouldn't have ready to join them in the drop zone that cost of that is victory this event now. At the top but volatile right he surely over -- the Manchester United move twelve points clear of second place to think. Chelsea remain that won't stop the that brings them back crippled ball. Also know a fifth all points of the champions league spots.

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